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Why Retire to St. Lucia? Here Are 6 Great Reasons

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Of all the Caribbean islands I have been lucky enough to visit, I would have to say that St. Lucia is, by far, my favorite. One of a string of Caribbean Islands to the North of Venezuela, it tends to be a little different from the other popular islands surrounding it, and is not as built-up and ruined as Barbados. The center of the island is more mountainous, is shrouded by lush rainforests, and the people are a little more relaxed here. Whilst some reports tell of gang crime on the island, the general advice from organisations such as the UK Foreign Office is that the visitor or new resident should merely take all the precautions they would normally do with regard to their current home and possessions.

St. Lucia

St. Lucia

Truly Breathtaking Areas

St. Lucia is a truly breathtaking part of the world. The beaches and mountainous landscapes will seem as though they have come straight off a picture postcard and the iconic scene of the two Piton Mountains is most definitely famous the whole world over. The truly great thing about St. Lucia is the fact that as it is such a compact island, you are never too far from the major tourist attractions and beauty spots.

Property Prices on St. Lucia

Perhaps the best idea for people looking to retire to St. Lucia would be to initially rent a property on the island before they look to purchase—indeed, this would be sound advice for any retiree looking to relocate to another country. Average purchase prices in St. Lucia are said to be relatively reasonable, but as you might imagine, you will pay a premium in the most popular resorts and beauty spots.

Transport Links with St. Lucia

As St. Lucia is such a popular tourist destination nowadays, this means it is served by an excellent international airport. Hewanorra (UVF) connects with most countries in Europe, as well as providing fantastic links with North and South America and other Caribbean islands. Everything you could possibly need from a main airport is here for you and the road links to actually get there are very good.


a wide variety of local foods

A wide variety of local foods


Eating Out in St. Lucia

Compared with some European countries and the United States, the average cost to eat out in St. Lucia is actually quite reasonable. There is also quite a good choice of varying cuisines from around the world, more especially in the most popular tourist resorts and around the capital, Castries. You should easily be able to enjoy a meal out at least a couple of times per week in St. Lucia.

Everyday Living in St. Lucia

If you are keen to stick with the brands you are accustomed to back in your home country, you can still get them in St. Lucia, but expect to pay a premium, as imported goods into St. Lucia can prove to be expensive. So, in order to allow your retirement income to stretch that bit further, stick to domestic brands of food and you should find your everyday living costs to be perfectly reasonable.

Must-see Attractions on St. Lucia

If you do take the plunge and move to St. Lucia, there are a number of sights and attractions you should aim to visit, including the lush rainforests to be found in the center of the island, where you can see examples of flora and fauna that would definitely be missing or harder to spot on the neighbouring Caribbean islands. You might also like to think about visiting the famous ‘drive-in volcano’, where you can smell the sulphur-filled air and watch the volcano bubble in front of your eyes. You should also make a beeline for the Piton Mountains, which are definitely the most famous landmark of this beautiful island.

St. Lucia  Island

Saint Lucia Island