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Healthy Retirement: Tips To Keep You Healthy And Active As You Age

Date : Apr 08,2015
By : Anita Ginsburg

When a person is young, it’s easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle and stay active. For those who aren’t exactly young anymore, it can be difficult to stay active. Getting older means you don’t have the stamina and strength to hit the gym like you used to. However, there are always going to be activities that can help get you moving and stay healthy. Use these six ideas to keep you going:

Go On Walks

When you’re older, it’s tough to get moving. Walking around the neighborhood is the perfect way to maintain your body and stay active. Just a couple hundred or several thousand steps per day can get your body pumping. Avoid anything too strenuous if you can’t handle it, and build up to longer walks over time if you can.

Tips To Keep You Healthy And Active As You Age

Healthy Diet

People have oftentimes said, “you are what you eat.” This couldn’t be any more true for anybody who is aging. Maintain a consistent diet of eating 3-6 small meals per day. Eating healthy snacks like fruits and vegetables go a long way for improving your health. You need calcium from milk, cheese, and yogurt. Getting protein from fish, beans, peas, eggs, and nuts are also vital for your health.

Mental Health

In order to be a physically healthy person, you need to be mentally healthy first. Preventing depression and anxiety is extremely important. Consider doing brain games like crossword puzzles, word searches, and even video games to help with your brain. Studies have shown that video games help the mind of teens by improving their brain. Doing these puzzles can help with strengthening your brain.

Extra Help

Having somebody help you with your daily activities and tasks can be very helpful. Consider hiring a professional caregiver if you need somebody to help with your daily life. A home care provider in San Fernando Valley can help you manage your health concerns and daily tasks.


Playing sports, despite being in your older years, can still be beneficial. Anything to get your body moving can change your health. Find a sport that is not too rigorous like golf or swimming. Sports are a fun way to stay active and social. Aside from sports and walking around your neighborhood, dancing is a great way to stay fit. With the many different forms of dancing, you’ll never run out of routines to help you stay active.

These are just a few different ways to stay active. Getting older is hard on the body, but staying active helps out a lot in terms of living longer, maintaining your health and helping you have a healthier life.