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Healthy Retirement: Six Important Health Check-Ups Every Senior Should Be Doing | Retirement for Seniors
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Healthy Retirement: Six Important Health Check-Ups Every Senior Should Be Doing

Date : Dec 16,2014
By : Anita Ginsburg

As the body ages, the number of health problems that people typically encounter increase too. The most threatening problems tend to begin appearing around when you reach retirement age. Catching these problems early on will allow you to treat them, which in turn will dramatically improve your quality of life. Below are the six most important check-ups you should have done regularly to keep your body in peak condition.

1. Arthritis

Arthritis is one of the most prevalent problems that aging individuals face. It can become a chronic problem that leads to pain, and diminished function of your hands, elbows, knees or other joints. Regular check-ups for the early signs and symptoms can help decrease the damage that arthritis can do while keeping it in check.

2. Heart Disease

Of all the conditions that individuals reaching retirement face, heart disease is likely the most life threatening. It acts as a silent condition that will slowly erode your health until a stroke, a heart attack, or something far worse happens. The best way to keep heart disease in check is to have your doctor regularly check for early signs of it. This can help you form a treatment plant hat keeps your body working as it should.

3. Dental

Dental hygiene is one of the oft overlooked aspects of your health. As you age, several effects happen that can leave your mouth vulnerable to tooth loss, infection and periodontal disease. The worst part is that these can often be precursors to more serious conditions. Even bad breath can be a symptom of something like kidney failure. Regular check-ups with your dentist will ensure that you have a healthy mouth, say the experts at Family Dental Centre.

4. Respiratory Conditions

As the body ages, the lungs tends to become less capable of acquiring oxygen from the air you breathe. This can result in asthma and other chronic lower respiratory diseases that can leave you immobilized if left untreated. Regular check-ups can help limit the threat that respiratory conditions can have. Your doctor may even be able to prescribe a treatment plan that makes it that much easier to breathe easy.

5. Cancer Screenings

The second leading cause of people over the age of 65 is cancer. It has a mortality rate of 982 deaths per 100,000 people. Early detection can improve your quality of life, and give you better chances at having a longer, healthier life. Routine check-ups with your doctor for cancer symptoms are a must to ensure you stay healthy while moving into retirement.

6. Degenerative Neurological Conditions

The most frightening thing on this list are the plethora of degenerative neurological conditions that tend to come with old age. These are the type of things that can rob you of who you are. The good news is that routine check-ups can help slow or even halt the progression of degenerative conditions like Alzheimer’s Disease.

While you should be able to relax as a senior citizen, there are still numerous things you should do to ensure your body stays as healthy as possible. Vigilance in check-ups with your doctors and your dentist will be rewarded with a body that’s less affected by age.