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Great Ways to Keep Your Aging Parents Safe and Healthy

Date : Oct 04,2014
By : Anica Oaks

Ever since we were children, we have looked toward our parents as a source of strength and support. We are accustomed to them worrying about us and taking care of us. For this reason, it can be a challenge when, due to aging, the tables are turned and now we have the responsibility to see to it that our aged parents are safe and healthy. It is not uncommon for people to feel overwhelmed and confused and to have questions about things that they can do to protect their parents as they age.

Monitor Their Alcohol Intake

Aging parents may not be able to drink as much alcohol as they did when they were younger. As we age, our body’s metabolism slows down. Alcohol stays in our system for longer periods of time and it is easier for us to get drunk. Limiting aged parents to no more than two drinks a day will prevent them from having an alcohol-related injury.

Monitor Their Pharmaceuticals

As our parents age, they usually require prescription medicine in order to deal with certain ailments. They may be visiting multiple doctors and getting multiple prescriptions. If there is not clear communication between these doctors, it is possible that our parents may be prescribed two separate pills that on their own are safe but when mixed together produce a negative and even fatal reaction. Monitoring what pills our parents are taking and accompanying them from time to time to their doctor visits is a great way to keep our parents safe. Also, assisted living communities such as the Houston location of Sunshine Retirement Living have employees who will distribute medication daily, helping take away some of the risk of mistakes.

Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents

According to the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention, over 1,500,000 million senior citizens were admitted to emergency rooms in the year 2012 for injuries related to slips and falls. In many cases, the reason why many seniors were losing their balance is because of diminished fitness, poor eyesight, and a bad reaction to medicine. We can help keep our parents safe by removing slip and fall hazards from the home. This would include tacking down any rugs or lose carpets. Placing slip proof protection in the bathtub and on tile floors is also a good idea. If you notice that your parent is slipping and falling more than usual, accompany them to the doctor and see if there is any underlying conditions leading to these accidents.

Encourage Parents to Be Active

The Harvard School of Health did a study that showed that on average an individual over 65 years of age is going to spend approximately 7 hours every day watching television. This lack of movement has been associated with injuries that come as a result of weak bones, muscles, and poor balance. Help your parents stay safe by encouraging them to remain active. This will not only improve their physical health, but as research has shown, it will improve their cognitive health.

Watching our parent’s health deteriorate is a painful thing. However, in the same way that our parents kept us safe when we were children, we now have the responsibility and privilege of taking steps to keep them safe as they age.