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Great Retirement Locations for Food Lovers

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We all have a certain style of cuisine that we favor over any other. Usually this is the food that originates from our own home country, but there may also be another country’s cuisine that excites us and leaves our mouths watering for more. So, now that you have reached retirement age, what is there to stop you from moving to another country where you absolutely know you will be happy to indulge in their food in the long-term?

Being happy to eat the country’s cuisine in the long-term is something that you really will need to consider. However, do bear in mind that most retirees are unlikely to eat out for every single meal; they will be cooking their own food in their home more often than not.

Italian food

Italian food



When considering great retirement options for food lovers, we really do have to start off with wonderful Italy. Most people love Italian food in one way or another: be this the delicious pizzas, fresh pasta dishes, or fantastic fish and seafood—this is a style of cuisine that is pretty much able to cater to any taste. Wherever you decide to retire to in Italy, the great thing is that you can guarantee there are bound to be some local restaurants serving the freshest and most delicious meals imaginable. What’s more, I always tend to find that Italian food tends to taste so much better when you are physically within the country itself.

Thai  food

Thai Food


This is easily one of the safest countries in Asia for you to consider retiring to—the country’s infrastructure is much better than most people imagine and the food… well… it really is terrific and becoming more and more ubiquitous in the West now! The great thing about eating out in Thailand is the fact that you can do so very cheaply indeed. This would mean that your money would stretch much further than most other worldwide destinations. Whether it is a Thai Green Curry or freshly-caught fish dishes, if you are a lover of this type of cuisine, this is a country that you really ought to consider retiring to.


Some might say that this country’s cuisine is the most highly-rated in the world! Personally, I always feel that it is totally over-rated, but then I do think I am in a minority. Nevertheless, France does offer a very varied cuisine and if you are a fan, you may very well like to consider retiring to the south of the country: Languedoc Roussillon and Provence Cote d’Azur are particularly popular regions with retirees and in terms of house prices and the average cost of living, the former is usually a cheaper option. Boeuf Bourguignon, coq-au-vin and steak-au-poivre are all popular dishes and a mere scratch of the surface of what you could discover if you decided to move to France.


Here it is again, my friends, the country of Spain simply has to be mentioned on any list that discusses the best destinations in the world to retire to for food lovers. From tapas to paella, Spanish cuisine is famous the world over and for very good reason. Food is taken very seriously here and every care is taken to ensure the local dishes are served to the highest possible standard. One of the truly great things about retiring to Spain is the fact that you can make the most of both worlds here more than any other major retirement choice. Sumptuous Spanish food is available as and when you want it, yet there are also many other international restaurants to cater to any taste.

Greek Food

Greek Food


The Greek Islands

Now I tend to think that this country’s cuisine is a little under-rated—I absolutely adore Greek food and would say that it is easily one of my favorites! I think the Greeks use herbs and spices in a subtle and more delicate way and they do not tend to overpower the food as many other worldwide cuisines can tend to: e.g. India and France. There is nothing better than eating out in a taverna by the sea and tucking into kleftico (a local lamb dish) or stifado (beef) and if you love fresh fish dishes, you will be in your absolute element in Greece. In terms of food, this is one country I would have no reservations retiring to and I could definitely enjoy it in the long-term.

This all boils down to a matter of personal preference really. You are bound to enjoy a certain type of international cuisine more than any other. If this is the case, get yourself over to the country in question and do your homework on ascertaining whether or not this would prove to be the perfect destination to retire to.