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Going Out in Style: Five Places You’d Love to Retire In

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Date : January 09,2014
By : Brooke Chaplan

Many folks put tremendous thought into where they should live out their golden years. After all, living comfortably and fully on a retirement income isn’t the simplest of feats to conquer. However, there are beautiful places all over the country which allow retirees with all sizes of pocketbooks, to not only endure retirement, but to thrive as they enjoy the fruits of years of labor.

Explore Albuquerque

Albuquerque, New Mexico is an area that draws folks from all walks of life, including the newly retired. Not only is it an extremely affordable area to live in, but Albuquerque also offers astounding diversity. The largest city in New Mexico has everything that a large urban area has to offer including theater, museums, lovely gardens, and access to public transportation. Additionally, Albuquerque boasts an arid climate with a short winter and many natural gems with trails and bike paths.

Relax in Columbia

Columbia, South Carolina also offers lovely winter months, and is close enough to the ocean to enjoy day trips along the coast. Those who love a combination of both the outdoors, and the arts will thrive within Columbia. There is a relatively low cost of living here for retirees, and also the chance to attend the University of South Carolina free of charge for residents above the age of 60 who don’t work full time.

The Arts Thrive in Jackson

Head even further south to Jackson, Mississippi, the state capitol, to stretch retirement dollars even farther. There are thriving music halls, dance and theater opportunities, as well as the Mississippi Museum of Fine Art.

Augusta: Calling All Golfers

Augusta, Georgia is the place to be for those retirees who are looking to golf through their retirement. The area is known for its mild winters, as well as its myriad golf courses. There are also many other attractions, such as museums, and art galleries.

Naples of the Gold Coast

Naples, Florida is also a sought after retirement destination. On the gold coast, this place is an epicenter of beauty and class. There is plenty of high end shopping, as well as gorgeous homes to choose from. Naples Real Estate website gives plenty of insight into the types of property that are available for retirees here.

Retiring is a huge step in life, and deciding where to spend these precious years takes a good deal of consideration. Each of the above areas are all known for their retiree-friendly environments, and offer innumerable opportunities for their residents to enjoy life.