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Fun Tips to Make Your Golden Years a Little More Golden

Date : Mar 25,2014
By : Brooke Chaplan

You’ve spent your working years building a reputation as a reliable and responsible employee. The company has profited from your knowledge and dedication. Now it’s time for you to bask in a golden glow as you awaken each day to an empty slate to fill however you wish. Retirement is a great time for many seniors to take advantage of extra time they didn’t have in their working years.

Maintain Your Health

Exercise is a key element to maintaining health. Forget those boring gym calisthenics you giggled about in high school. You’ll reap benefits from joining a dance class, a hiking club, a golf league or grab some friends and take a walk. Speaking of friends, keep up with your contacts and extend opportunities to make new friends. Friends will buoy you up through tough times and you, in turn, will carry them from to time. Healthy relationships are as important to your overall health and physical well-being. Whatever activities you choose to maintain fitness, pick those you enjoy and will have fun doing.

Check On Check Ups

Laughing will definitely increase your enjoyment of life in retirement. A healthy mouth makes laughing easy. Keep those dentist appointments so you won’t hesitate to laugh loud and often! Keep up on oral health and those San Antonio dentures by having regular check ins and talking about any discomfort you may be experiencing. You will also want to see what all the fun is about, so make annual visits to the eye doctor for optimal health.

Learn to Say No

It’s easy for the children to say, “Oh, Mom/Dad can do it, they aren’t doing anything important.” Well, whatever you decide to do is important to you! Let your family know when, and if you are available to baby-sit, check their house when they’re gone, walk the dog, or whatever it is they ask about. If they call last minute and it will interfere with your plans, just say, “No!” They’ll figure it out, and learn to respect your time. Of course, if you want to say “yes” then go ahead, there’s nothing like grandchildren to bring out the laughter and fun in your golden years.

Bring Out That List

Oh no! Not the dreaded To Do list! Make a list of all the “I’d like to do that”, or “I’d like to go there” places that you never found the time to do. It doesn’t have to be things more complicated than learning to play the guitar, or places no further than a local attraction. Sure, a trip around the world would be great fun, but a local museum or event can be just as rewarding, just as your golden years should be.

The most important thing to remember about your golden years is that they are yours to enjoy. Decide early what will be important to you and how to prioritize everything in you retirement. Hopefully these years will be the best of your life.