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Four Useful Tips For Taking Good Care Of Your Eyes

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Date : October 18,2013
By : Jayla Barnsen

Everyone knows how important eye health is; no one wants to lose their vision. Even though people cherish their eyesight, they don’t actively take steps to protect it. Experts say that the following tips are helpful for people who want to take better care of their eyes:

Give Your Eyes A Break

It’s hard to get away from technology; people spend their days looking at computer monitors and tiny screens on their smartphones. Eventually, this staring can lead to eyestrain, itchiness and blurred vision. When using a computer, always make sure that the monitor is at least five inches below your eye level. When your monitor is below your eye level, it brings your eyelids down; when your eyes are looking down, you maintain a healthy blink rate.

Always look out for glare on your screen. A strong glare can strain your eyes and cause headaches. Make sure to take a break from looking at your monitor every 20 minutes or so; this helps your eyes focus better.

When Flying

People who travel by plane tend to get dry eyes; airplane cabin air is responsible for this. When flying, always make sure to keep your eyes moist; optometrist Plano suggests using artificial tears once an hour. Avoid using drops that are designed to get rid of red eyes; these drops constrict your blood vessels.

Shield Your Eyes From The Sun

UV rays can hurt your eyes just as badly as they can burn your skin; overexposure to the sun can cause cataracts, degeneration and a variety of other diseases. Every 15 minutes that you spend outside, you increase your chances of radiation damage; this is even true on cloudy days.

If you plan on spending time outside, always wear protective sunglasses. Sunglasses can shield your eyes from harmful UV rays; just make sure to get glasses that cover your eyes completely.

Protect Your Eyes When Participating In Sports

Countless numbers of people hurt their eyes when participating in sports; many of these injuries result in permanent vision loss. It is estimated that more than 90 percent of these injuries can be prevented with protective eyewear.

Always choose lenses that are designed for the specific sport you take part in; this guarantees that your eyewear will offer sufficient protection. Quality eyewear will have a certification seal on it; if it does, then it meets rigorous testing standards. You can be confident knowing that your eyewear will prevent injuries if an accident occurs.