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Four Tips for Arranging Home Repair for Aging Parents

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Date : December 11,2013
By : Marlena Stoddard

When your aging parents need help with home repairs, such as plumbing or gas line issues, the responsibility for arranging these matters may seem like a tremendous burden. It doesn’t have to be this way. If you follow these four tips, both your parents and you will experience a lot less stress.

1. Be there with them

Even though it might prove more time-consuming than optimal, taking the time to be with your parents while the repairs are underway can give them peace of mind about the project that they would otherwise lack. This is especially true for seniors who may have difficulty communicating, whether from hearing loss or stroke, and who may be reluctant to question the repair workers directly.

Four Tips for Arranging Home Repair for Aging Parents

2. Be knowledgeable about the repair company

Most seniors know someone taken advantage of by unethical contractors or who fell victim to a scam. If you are able to explain the good reputation and credentials of the repair service you hired, that will also put them at ease during the repair work. Research the companies online and you will be sure to find companies like
K & S Plumbing Repair for example that can handle gas line repair in houston and will provide trustworthy and cost-effective service for your parents. You can also try contacting the Better Business Bureau in your area for recommendations.

3. Be patient

The work has to be done and probably soon, but your parents may feel reluctant due to expense and other issues. Inasmuch as possible, it is important to be patient with them and give them the time and respect they need to make their decisions regarding the work. The older generations are often unaccustomed to the speed at which their children and grandchildren make decisions and the technology that allows us to do so.

4. Always get their input

Instead of merely arranging for work to be done and dictating the when, where, and how, approach the job as a family project, allowing your parents as much say-so as possible into it. This can reduce stress beforehand and lead to less frustration and resentment afterward. After all, these repairs are being done on their home, so they are naturally highly invested in the outcome, even if you are the one making sure the work gets done.


If you follow these suggestions, home repairs can be significantly less unpleasant and can cause less fraying in the familial bonds. You will also appear more knowledgeable and responsible in the eyes of your parents. And most importantly, the repairs will be made that much more easily, which is what all of you want.