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Four Purchases That Will Help You Retire in Comfort

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Date : November 13,2013
By : Marlena Stoddard

While some people aim to have an excitement-filled retirement full of travel and new experiences, others just want to take it easy for awhile after a long and successful career. If you are hoping for a comfortable and relaxing retirement, there are several purchases you can make ahead of time to make that goal a reality.

A Swank Recliner

There are lift chairs, chairs that have built-in massage and even chair that vibrate. After years spent hunched over a computer desk or out in the field, your back will thank you for investing in a an awesome reclining chair for long nights by the fire or those rejuvenating afternoon naps. Don’t think you need to park it in from of the television if you don’t spend much time watching it, either. It’s your retirement, so place your cozy recliner in the sun room if you want!

A Comfortable, Reliable Car

Your years of climbing in and out of high SUVs or trucks should be behind you in retirement, so why not splurge on a roomy, low car that is easy to get in and out of? You can also purchase one with a warranty, making concerns about repairs a thing of the past. Don’t forget the heated seats and moon roof for even more luxury. You’ve earned your retirement, so don’t be afraid to ride in style.

Four Purchases That Will Help You Retire in Comfort

A Hot Tub

A hot tub can create an oasis in your own back yard, and the benefits of warm water on arthritic joints and stressed muscles can’t be underestimated. With no job to rush off to, you can spend brisk fall evenings lounging in your custom hot tub. Some tubs can also be cooled down for the summer months, if you live an area where it gets quite hot. Music and lighting can help add to the ambiance. Talk to a professional installer to design your dream hot tub.

New Carpeting or Flooring

As we age, our weight-bearing joints can become painful. Now that you will be home more often, you may notice that your hips and knees are painful from walking on thin carpets or hardwood floors. By having them replaced with softer flooring, you can walk around your home with less discomfort.

Retiring in style and comfort is largely a matter of making sure you have the opportunity to relax. These four items can make a huge difference in your quality of life and comfort level after retirement, so it pays to consider them wisely.