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Five Tips For Seniors interested in Buying Smart Phones and iPads | Retirement for Seniors
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Five Tips For Seniors interested in Buying Smart Phones and iPads

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Date : January 29,2014
By :Marlena Stoddard

One of the main challenges for senior citizens in today’s society is purchasing smartphones and iPads that are commonplace in every sector of our culture. Technology can often be intimidating for those who did not grow up learning how to use a variety of products and tools, making it important to follow a few guidelines beforehand.

1. Choose an Older Model

Not only are newer models of smartphones and tablets more complex, but they are also more expensive. Purchase an older model to ensure that it’s easier to learn how to use without so many bells and whistles. It will also ensure that you are able to purchase the product at a lower price.

2. Purchase a Case

Using a case is essential to the quality and lifespan of any smartphone or tablet. Purchase a durable case that fits comfortably on the product and is custom to the specific model. Use a screen protector in conjunction with cell phone cases to ensure that the screen does not become scratched or damaged with use. Don’t bother buying the overpriced models at the store either. You can find much more affordable options online at sites like

3. Buy a Warranty

Although many products come with a one-year warranty with the purchase of the item, many of the items prove to have internal problems following the initial year that it’s used. Purchase a warranty that is extended to up to three years to ensure that the cost is not out of pocket should something malfunction or break. Both telephone and in-store assistance should be available.

4. Skip the Anti-Virus Software

For those looking to purchase an Apple product, the brand offers a high amount of built-in security that prevents malicious software from downloading onto the device. When new apps or software are downloaded onto Apple products, it performs a complete scan to ensure that the product is free of any issues.

5. Find a Simple Interface

Some of the easiest smartphones and tablets to use are those with simple and practical interfaces that aren’t overwhelming. Purchase a product that is clean and basic to ensure that it’s easy to make a phone call, use the Internet, or send a text message.

Although it’s often intimidating to purchase a new product on the market for senior citizens, there are several ways to ensure that you find a basic model that is easy to use for several years. The products can be fun and enjoyable with the right buying process and tools readily available.