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Five Tips for Moving Long Distance With a Sick Family Member

Date : May 06,2014
By : Rianne Hunter

Moving with a terminally ill or physically disabled loved one can be stressful. A long-distance move can be extremely uncomfortable for an ill family member. Whether the individual is bed-ridden or requires continual care, you should take time to consider the arrangements that he or she may require. Here are some tips that can help you prepare for a long-distance move with a bed-ridden individual.

1. Hire a nurse who specializes in traveling with patients.

If your loved one will be traveling with you, then you may want to hire a traveling nurse to assist you. A traveling nurse can move a bed-ridden patient and also administer medication to the patient. A nurse may also be able to bathe, clothe and feed your loved one. This can take stress off of your shoulders during the move.

2. Speak with a family member’s doctor to make future arrangements for medical care.

An ill family member may require medical care immediately upon arriving in a new city. You should make these arrangements ahead of time by speaking with your loved one’s current doctor.

3. Make arrangements with a medical travel team to facilitate the move.

If your loved one requires highly specialized care or is very ill, you may want to work with a medical travel team to facilitate the move. Medical team members are aware of the needs of terminally ill patients. They realize the risks associated with moving a bed-ridden patient.

4. Make sure you have access to extra medication that the individual may require.

You should also make sure that you obtain extra prescriptions of a medication that the loved one may require. You do not want to run out of medication in the event that the move takes longer than you anticipated. If your car breaks down on the road, you want to make sure that you are prepared to provide for the medical needs of your loved one.

5. Protect a bed-ridden family member from bedsores.

If a bed-ridden family member will be in the same position throughout the move, a nurse or trained family member should be sure to re-position the loved one to prevent bedsores. Bedsores can easily develop and are very painful for a bed-ridden individual.

By following these tips, you can safely make the move to a new location with an ill family member. Talk with moving or storage professionals such as those with companies like Daffodil Storage as they can help you understand some of your options for storing equipment necessary for this difficult logistical move and more. Preparing for the move ahead of time will ensure that all of the medical needs of a terminally ill loved one are met.