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Five Resources For Learning About Wills and Estate Planning

Date : Mar 15,2014
By : Rianne Hunter

When you are in the midst of writing a will or creating an estate plan, it can be helpful to do some research on your own to be aware of the management of your estate. Even if you have hired an estate planning lawyer, reading through these resources can ensure that you feel comfortable, confident and at ease about your estate plan. Here are five excellent resources that you can use to become more informed about the process of drafting a will or maximizing exemptions for an estate plan.

1. The IRS Tax Guides

It may seem counter-intuitive, but the IRS website is a great place to start for the most accurate information on the application of estate and gift taxes. The website features an FAQ that answers common tax questions and also provides real-world examples of how to handle tax situations. These situations may mirror your own. In addition, some of the informational pieces also synthesize complex tax law cases into common language so it is understandable.

2. The American Bar Association’s Probate & Property Section

This section publishes a bi-monthly magazine that includes the latest legal developments and practical information on wills, estates and trusts. You can find a selection of articles available on the website at no cost. In addition, you can find estate-planning discussion groups where you may find answers to some of your questions about estate taxes or exemptions.

3. The American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys

While the website for the American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys may appear to be geared toward attorneys, the reality is that consumers can also greatly benefit. There is a section geared toward consumers, and consumers can also find out whether a particular attorney is a member of the organization.

4. The American Bar Association’s Division for Public Education

This ABA website is more helpful than some of the websites geared toward attorney organizations. The public education site contains information that is directly useful to members of the public, such as how to disinherit certain individuals or tips to remember when writing a will.


This government website also provides general guidelines that people must follow when writing a will, such as selecting an executor to settling the estate. The website also contains information as to the formalities that must be met in creating a will, such as stating one’s clear intention to create a will.

If you are having trouble writing a will or creating your estate plan, then you should research a trustworthy law firm or attorney you could speak with such as the Law Offices of Savin & Bursk. Estate planning attorneys can help you feel at ease in settling your finances and creating an inheritance plan.