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Five Products That Help Seniors Regain a Sense of Independence

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Date : December 24,2013
By : karleia steiner

As we age some of our functions slow down or stop working. For older adults, this may require assistance from family, friends or personal attendants. However, there are a number of products on the market that can give seniors more independence by allowing them to perform some ordinary activities and household chores without assistance.


For older people who have difficulty reading small print, e-readers allow for increased font sizes. They can also be adjusted for brightness. This can allow easier reading of books, articles, advertisements and emails. Some cell phones also offer larger views for sending and receiving text messages.

2. Grabber Tools

Grabber tools are simple devices that can make working alone in the kitchen easier. Many falls among the elderly are caused by either falling off of step ladders or simply trying to reach high places. This simple tool which usually has a three foot extension makes it possible to reach items on high shelves without assistance.

3. Email and Phone Alerts

Because of problems with memory, some seniors may forget to take vital medication. Some companies offer email or phone alerts that remind seniors to take needed medication. There is also technology that sends an alarm or signal when a pill box is not opened. An email can also be sent to family members if medication is not taken as prescribed.

4. Swivel Seat

A useful device sold by kerr medical helps senior drivers get in and out of cars easily. It is a padded swivel seat that can be used in a car, van or even a taxi. The seat swivels 360 degrees, allowing driver or passenger to exit easily. The seat is padded and lightweight enough to carry around. It can accommodate up to 300 pounds.

5. GPS

Some older drivers or pedestrians can become disoriented in unfamiliar territory. Poor visibility may also make it difficult to read a map or street signs. Older drivers may get lost even when using GPS systems in the car. A personal GPS device can be installed in a cell phone and can pinpoint a person’s exact location. This information can be sent to caregivers, family members or police to help find the individual.

In addition to these five products, many more products offer assistance like larger keys for phones and keyboards, louder volume controls and visual as well as auditory signals. These things can make life easier for older adults as well as help them maintain their independence.