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Five People You Need To Consult With Before Applying For Social Security Disability

Date : Mar 11,2014
By : Aimee smith

Whether you have been seriously injured at work or in a car accident, or have been diagnosed with a serious illness, doing simple everyday tasks can prove to be painful or impossible. You may also be dealing with long term diseases and disabilities. Any of these could be reasons to apply for Social Security disability benefits, but you might be hesitant to admit you need to. Before diving into the process of applying, there are some people you should talk to for advice and information:

Your Doctor

If you’re applying for disability benefits because of an injury or illness, try to get an approximate recovery time and an approximate date for when you can return to work. If the answer is “indefinitely,” have your doctor speak to your employer. They can work together to help you figure out if you can work during recovery, and if so, how much.

Your Employer

If you have an employer, you need to speak to him or her now about worker’s comp or severance pay. If you will eventually be able to work again, now’s a good time to ask for a recommendation as well. They may be able to help you for a short time while you are deciding if applying for benefits is the best option for you.

An Attorney

Social Security can be tricky and many claims are often denied. You need to know your rights, including exactly how much you’re entitled to and how often. Disability attorneys know what paperwork you need to complete and can help you get through the legal process with ease. According to social security attorneys in Chico, CA, an experienced lawyer can help you at any stage of the process, making sure you aren’t overwhelmed with all the important details.

Job Services

This is more for the person who has a lifelong disability and wants to work, but cannot find work. Vocational Rehab services most often work with individuals whose disabilities are severe, but have worked with high-functioning individuals. Make it clear where your interests lie and what your goals are. If job services refuse to help, fall back on your network of friends, church members, teammates, former teachers or anyone else you know.

Your Family And Friends

Close family members may be concerned for your health or the loss of an income source. When you are suffering from serious health conditions, friends and family can help make phone calls and do some research to get you where you need to be. Find the support you need for finances and your emotional well-being during this difficult time.

Applying for Social Security often seems frightening, but with the right resources, it can be positive. With the right research and resources from these people, applying for social security disability can be an easier process.