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Five Classic Gift Ideas for Grandfather

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Date : January 22,2014
By : Jayla Barnsen

You take your gift-giving seriously, and you always want to do your best to buy gifts that will truly mean something to the recipient. When it comes time to pick out a gift for your grandfather, try to find classic gift choices that are sure to put a smile on his face. Fortunately, you will have several choices in this type of gift.

1. Classic Movies

Grandfather has had a lifetime to pick and choose his favorite movies. When you are sure you know what he likes, purchase some beautifully-boxed sets of his favorite classic movies or television series. He will spend many happy hours catching up with his best-loved characters. If you have a hip grandpa, he may be happy with new classics. If he likes westerns, maybe you can package together the classic version of True Grit featuring John Wayne, with the modern version directed by the modern cult hero Cohen brothers.

2. His Favorite Books

If he enjoys reading, then consider purchasing all the books written by his favorite author, and be sure to get them in a good hard-back or special edition. Do a little research, and try to see if there are any rare books written by his favorite authors that he may have missed. New and exciting things are constantly being released by classic writers. In the last few years we have seen the release of Mark Twain’s autobiography for the very first time. If there is a series he enjoys, you should be able to buy an attractive box set. Large-print books are usually a great option, or you might consider a reading magnifier or reading glasses if needed.

3. Shaving Items

One thing that men never grow out of is the need for a good shave. A grandfather’s face is always ready for a kiss from his grandchildren. Help him keep that face clean and smooth with a good variety of shaving items. Art of Shaving accessories include many classy and suave items such as shaving brushes, oils, aftershave, creams, razors and so much more.

4. Sporting Events

If he is a sports enthusiast, then consider purchasing him season tickets to see his favorite teams play. It will be all the sweeter if you also purchase the same season tickets for yourself to attend the games with him. You couldn’t ask for better quality bonding time than sitting and eating a couple of hotdogs while he imparts his life wisdom at the ballgame.

5. Tool Kit

No matter the age of a man, he will always be happy if he can work on things in the garage. Give grandfather a good tool kit that will enable him to fix the toaster that no longer toasts properly or adjust the working mechanisms on the bikes of visiting children. A gift that shows a person they are still useful is a gift that never stops giving.

Depending on your grandfather’s taste, any or all of these gifts may be just perfect for him. He will know he is well-loved when he receives a gift such as these.