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Fall Prevention: How to Prevent Slips and Falls in the Elderly

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Date : January 15,2014
By : Karleia steiner

An older person who experiences one slight fall or slip can get hurt badly. In fact, this can spell the end for a person who is already not in great shape. For this reason, one should do everything in their power to prevent this from occurring. Fortunately, with these four tips, one can prevent most falls and spills by the elderly.

Prepare house:

When walking around a house, an old person cannot see as well as a younger individual. Sadly, this is a recipe for disaster and many senior citizens will end up tripping over something that most people would notice. To prepare the house, one should clean it and remove anything in the way. When doing so, a person should go all out and remove small items as they can cause serious problems for a senior citizen who will not see much.


While in the tub, a lot of people slip and fall. Sadly, this can spell serious problems and cause a senior citizen to break a hip or other bone. To avoid this costly problem, one should install a tub which allows a person to get in and out with ease. This will help a person avoid slipping while getting into the tub. To take it further, a homeowner should install mats in the shower. With this inexpensive investment, a person can walk in and out of a without worry.


A large house is not great for a person who is older. This is certainly true when a person lives in a two-story building as it will be hard for them to climb the stairs. To prevent accidents and save a person a lot of energy, one should opt to downsize to a small house or condo. While this might be a hard sell, it is wise to consider this as a solid long-term solution.

Do not forget about the outside:

People in cold weather can often slip and fall in ice or snow. To avoid serious falls, one should opt to hire a professional who can clean the driveway and remove the debris. This is especially important for a senior as a fall on the asphalt will spell serious problems for an older person who has frail and brittle bones.

With these four tips, one can avoid most serious spills. If a person falls and someone is at fault, they should contact a Cambridge personal injury lawyer such as Dietrich law as they can help a person get the compensation they deserve.