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Effective Strategies to Employ Proper Care for the Elderly

Date : June 16,2014
By : Jesse Waugh

A lot of our elderly people would prefer to live the rest of their lives in their own homes, but not become a burden for their kids. Having to take care of your elderly parents at home will require a lot of dedication, time and effort. Careful planning and discussing options to better care for your elderly loved ones are important. Here are effective strategies to properly care for the elderly at home.

Making Your Home Safe for Your Elderly Loved Ones

Make sure that the home is safe enough for your aging parents not just for the kids. Make sure everything is accessible and take all possible hazards such as loose rugs or carpets, cluttered furniture, and make sure the smoke detectors are in working order or if there are none – best to install one.

Hiring a Pro

Hiring a person who is knowledgeable in caring for the elderly is a great help for the whole family, as well as the elderly themselves. A caregiver or health practitioner can help take the stress from the family away. Having someone who has enough knowledge about proper care for the elderly especially when it comes to taking care of them for bathing, exercise and giving proper medication can play an important role in elderly care.

Installing Bars in the Bathroom

Bathroom can be a hazard if there are no bars for the elders to grab on to. This is for security reasons and as well as serve as a tool to help them in climbing into and out of the shower or bath tub. Install the bars also in the toilet for extra support and preventing them from slipping.

Installing Rubbers or Non-skid Pads

For houses with tiles floors, it is advisable that the family install non-skid pads or strips to prevent your elderly members from slipping. Make sure though that they do not move or they are securely fastened to the floor.
Take Out All Electrical Appliances in the Bathroom
This is to prevent any accidents – in case they slip, they do not accidentally hold a plugged appliances.

Night Lights in the House

Installing night lights in the house especially on dark areas, in the hallway and in other parts of the room is advisable.

Make Everything Easily Accessible

Making everything accessible for your aging parents such as your phone, a call monitor and other tools that can provide easy communication. Providing them a cell phone and set up emergency numbers for easy dial in case of emergencies is important.

Scheduling Appointments

You need to create an appointment for you or any of your family members to get your aging parents’ doctor appointments, prescription medicines, grocery shopping, and other chores that you can do for your aging loved ones.