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When we think about retirement, one of the first questions that comes up is, where will we live? Traditionally, retirees have tended to just stay put, and there's much to be said in favor of maintaining the same circle of friends, the same after-work activities, many of the same daily routines. But, with improvements in health care over the past several decades, we can look forward to longer and healthier retirements, and we may decide to make a fresh start in an entirely new environment that offers greater opportunities to pursue outdoor activities, hobbies, further education, or even a post-retirement career.

What are the best places to retire in the United States? Various publications provide lists of retirement "hot spots"; if you subscribe to Money Magazine, for instance, you can read their annual list of "Best Places to Retire," both big cities and small towns, based on criteria such as cost of living, available resources for adults and seniors, tax laws and regulations, presence of universities and other dynamic communities, and more. These lists of best retirement towns are worth looking through, to give you some ideas about what to look for. But only you know how you want to spend your retirement, what activities you want to pursue, and what kind of community is attractive to you.

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