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5 Point Checklist: Research Trip for Best Retirement Location

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If you are looking to retire somewhere else in the world, the biggest concerns you are likely to have are whether or not the chosen destination is affordable for you, safe and what will be the chances of socializing once you get there. Each and every year, many thousands of retirees relocate to pastures new and hopefully the vast majority of these would have been completely sensible had they undertook copious amounts of research in a fact-finding trip beforehand. This article aims to make sure you conceive a practical check-list before you retire anywhere new, to maximize your chances of complete success in such an endeavor.

Seniors' Senior Couple Research  for Best Retirement Location

Senior Couple Research Trip for
Best Retirement Location

1. Research crime rates in your chosen area

This really is of vital importance. The very last thing you want is to turn-up in the new country and find out later on that there are shockingly high rates of crime in the area—trust me when I say that this is very much a possibility in many parts of the world. Also, do not be tempted to presume that a country’s average crime statistics will be the same across the entire nation: they will be just that—average. You need to check-out the crime statistics for the exact area you are looking to retire to. This means having to travel to the area beforehand and engage into plenty of conversations with the local inhabitants. You should also try to access local crime statistics from the relevant public authorities, too.

retire abroad

A Senior Couple On the Beach

2. Can you afford to live in the new area as a retiree?

You would need to sit down and work out the cost of living in your new destination. In your fact-finding mission to the destination before the move, you will need to get a good idea of housing costs (e.g. house prices if you’re buying or rents); the average cost of groceries and everyday life essentials; the cost of utility bills and internet provision etc.; plus you will need to find out what taxes and charges may be payable to the local authority. Make sure you do not leave anything out and then once you arrive at the final total, you will know for sure whether or not you can afford to live in this new area.

3. What are the possibilities for socializing in your new country?

Some people may want to move to an area that offers them total uninterrupted peace and tranquillity for retirement, however, for the vast majority of us, it is in our retirement years that we can often come ‘out of our shell’ the most and really look to meet new people and learn new things. With this in mind, on your fact-finding research trip to the destination of your choice, you really need to get out there are find out what venues and facilities will be available to you within the local area. The very best results will produce a good number of opportunities for you to be able to socialize with your peers and ensure you are not left feeling lonely in this new country.

4. How will you get out and about in the area?

This is an important consideration and you might be surprised to learn that a good number of people completely forget to investigate this fact before they retire abroad. So, when you travel to the destination you have in mind, if you will be driving yourself about, check out the average price of running a car: e.g. gas/petrol prices and applicable taxes, and also the actual state and safety levels of the local roads. If you intend to rely on public transport, try the options out for yourself to find out how busy things become, how expensive it is and how reliable a service there is in operation. Also, you might want to find out how easy it is to travel to other areas away from the town of your choice.

5. How will you fit in with the local customs and traditions?

If you are intending to travel to an area that has very strong religious persuasions, you will need to work out how these will interact with your own beliefs: especially when you are looking to retire to a country where their religion can transcend very disproportionately down into state law. Are the general customs of the locals in your new retirement destination going to be something you can bear in the long-term?

A fact-finding research trip to any destination you might be considering retiring to is absolutely imperative. You need to use this time constructively to ascertain how you would fare in every aspect of life that is important to you back in your current home country. Fail to prepare – prepare to fail, my friends!


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