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All Age Friendly Presents for the Family and Beyond

Date : Apr 1,2015
By : Kate Flannery

Have you ever been in a situation when you are new to the family and you are invited to join them for the holidays? Or when you are just visiting new friends for the first time and you are not sure what is suitable to give them as a present?For when you are running out of ideas for neutral presents, and need some inspiration, take a look at this here list of ten presents that are always an excellent choice- and they’re great for all ages!

Containers of sorts

Mugs, jugs, coffee cups, vases, jars, boxes, and pots are all good options for a gift. If you know the person’s style, or have snooped around their Facebook page and now know what their living room looks like, you can find something with a pattern you know they will love. Otherwise, just pick something that doesn’t look too flashy. For it to blend in any household, it has to be neutral.

Board games

A great starter for any new relationship, and an ice-breaker when it comes to dull evenings filled with uncomfortable silence. Again, this is also a gift for the entire family, and their guests, too. Board game variations are gaining momentum, and there are many new interesting modifications of the classics such as Monopoly, Clue and Ticket to Ride.


Edible Goodies

Everybody loves fruit! It is a healthy and a tasty choice, and it certainly looks impressive when a big basket of delicious fruits arrives at your doorstep.In2Fruit fruit delivery, for instance, caters to all audiences, and you can assemble and arrange your hamper with a personal touch if you prefer.

Shelf Décor

Something small but tasteful could be a gift to the entire family. If you know for a fact that someone is particularly fond of some motive or style, that is certainly an advantage, but if you are not sure then you should just keep it impersonal, but still appealing.


Wall Décor

Everybody needs a wall clock, and they are not too expensive nowadays if you know where to look. If you have some time on your hands, it is very easy to make wall clocks, all you need is the mechanical part, which can be bought in craft stores. Of course, if you are invited to someone’s house for the first time, don’t choose something too delicate or detailed.

Books for all occasions

A book is always a good present. Of course, guessing someone’s taste is difficult, and there’s always the chance they’ve already read it, but you can’t go wrong if you choose to buy some sort of encyclopedia or dictionary. Coffee table books are excellent additions to all households.


Something for the Neck

You can’t go wrong with a scarf. Unless it’s summertime, in which case, you have to get a very different sort of scarf (ahh, silk!). Pick a neutral color and buy matching scarves for the whole family! You will be thought of every winter.

A Snuggie

A warm blanket is an unusual, but nonetheless great gift. Everybody needs a snuggie, but no one actually buys blankets. We’d much rather wait around forever until Mom brings a spare one over. Keep in mind that this is somewhat of a personal present, so maybe it is not a good choice if you are meeting that person for the first time.

A Stash for Cash

It is not too difficult to choose a good wallet, and in addition to that, you can always throw in a small gift card or a personalized message in there if you want to show interest in someone and win them over easily!

A Touch of Class

This gift will always remain a classic. Instead of spending your money on a bunch of small presents, combine your expenses and buy a decent bottle of wine. A nice bottle of wine, not something off the market shelf! Actually, take a look at the chart Wine Folly made, and decide what the perfect wine for the evening is, even if you are nosommelier.