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About Us

The reason I am building a retirement site is easy. I am about to retire in the next few years and I thought if I build a website I will learn more about how to go about it. Retirement is one of those events in one’s life where you might think you know what it is all about. I did. I thought retirement means you stop working and then…

Well I really did not know what to do with the rest of my life. I have no real hobbies and I hate to fly. But back up! I did not think I had any hobbies but I love to read, I also love baseball, and I like to cook. I don’t like to garden but I do like to learn about nutrition since as I get older it seems to be more important. I am afraid to fly but I like to see new things. So how to incorporate those things into a retirement package?

Also what about the financial end? I am not positive how much I will receive from social security. And if so I am not sure of the amount since I live overseas and quit working in my mid 30s but I have continued to work here in thailand and pay into Thai social security. I wonder what my US social security monthly benefits will be. I have asked several times but the figures I get on based on me working until I am 66 and I am only not in the USA therefore not paying into the program.

I need to sell the business i have so i have questions about how to go about that. What will i do with the income from the sale of the business, my warehouse, my home. I have questions about where i will live and what that will look like.

I would like to travel but as I say I don’t like to fly. How to get around that?

Also I don’t think I could just read and cook and travel so what else could I do that would feel like semi retirement? I have started working with staff on how to suppliment my retirement income by building and monetizing a few websites. That is a work in progress as you can see by viewing my website.

Roughly 10 yrs ago at the age of 55 I began to think about retirement. I never really did any saving or planning at all… I just went to work like a lot of people and thought unless I was really destitute I would be ok; most people seemed to be doing ok in retirement I thought. For peace of mind from time to time though I would estimate my net worth [what I have vs what I owe] and figured it was enough. But as the traditional retirement age crept up, first at 62, and then at 65 I spent more and more time thinking about did I really have enough and what was I going to do when I did finally retire? And that led to more questions, like where would I retire to and should I downsize my living situation and sell my house and business and then what would I do with the money? How would I invest it?

With this website I am exploring the answers and the possibilities for myself and for my viewers. After all I am not the only one in this predicament. Many people did not save enough. They have no pension and will have to rely on social security which is really meant only as a supplement to retirement living. How will you make ends meet now? Hopefully that and many other questions will be answered with this site and solutions will present themselves as you follow along with my own journey to retirement.