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8 Reasons to Retire In England

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Reduced crime rates

In England, the level of crimes is quite minimal. There is generally an adequate security force that counters the crime rate and therefore guarantees a secure atmosphere. The number of crimes are minimal hence giving a guarantee to retiree a conducive environment to live in. this will enable them to live peacefully and invest in any business without any fear.

Reduced tax rates

When considering a place to retire, it is always important to observe the tax burden in the country. High tax rates results in low profitability in any form of investments. England has a relatively low tax rate system, which are conducive to entrepreneurship. Thus, any individual retiring to England will enjoy lower deductions from their income and hence can be able to manage their resources in an economical manner.

George Square, Glasgow,UK

George Square, Glasgow,UK

Quality health services

In England, high quality health standards are maintained, which is an attractive factor for individuals concerned about their health as a major priority after their retirement. Generally, most people as they age experience a wide range of health problems and therefore need to live close to a readily available health facility. This is a guarantee in England. There are many standard health facilities available at all times.

Notting Hill Carnival England

Notting Hill Carnival England

Adequate leisure and beauty spots

England has a wide variety of leisure cites as well as beauty therapy a good example is Yorkshire Dales National park. It may be a crucial factor to consider how best to spend your free time after retiring from full time employment. These necessitate the need to be in city that has adequate recreation and leisure sites to visit during such times. It can also be a place for one to exploit their hobbies such as touring, photo-shooting in national parks among others. England parks are elaborate and will take care of such leisure times appropriately.

Stonehenge, UK





Effective transport facility

Another factor to consider when retiring would be the accessibility of other areas using the available means of public transport. Effective transport is important to ensure that one can move from place to place without a big hustle. This is of great importance especially if one needs to undertake various activities in various regions. In England, transport facilities are quite extensive; highways as well as rail link networks are available.

Social neighborhood

Generally, the majority of residents in England believe in good neighborhoods. Their social habits are high giving a conducive environment for new comers i.e. they are flexible to accommodate visitors and orient them in the environment. This means that anyone who retires to this region will receive a warm visit, be easily assimilated into the lifestyle and hence be able to acclimatize quickly to the prevailing conditions of the environment. This is quite an acceptable treat for individuals who retire in such a city since it will make them comfortable in their new environment and hence be able to settles down in quite a short period of time.

Dairy farming

In this state, in such districts such as North Doset, extensive dairy farming is prevalent. After retirement, one may consider taking farming as a form of investment to occupy their free time. In this region, the rainfall and sunshine levels are conducive to allow for dairy farming practice. Therefore, it is an ideal area for any individual willing to turn into dairy farming for a livelihood after their retirement.

Employment opportunities

There are many institutions in this city that can offer part time jobs for those who have retired and would like to take up some part time work. For example, there are a number of universities and colleges that can readily assimilate part time lecturers. The salary schemes are favorable hence giving a sustaining source of income in the city.

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