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7 Different Types of Exercises for Senior Citizens

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Date : November 18,2013
By : Julian Hooks

Whoever said that exercising is just for the young? Exercising is important for everyone, even for senior citizens. Although the exercises cannot be as strenuous and hard care as those for the young, they still have workout routines that will fit them just right. Here are 7 different types of exercises for senior citizens that are safe and could get their blood circulating.

1. Yoga

Yoga can be an excellent source of exercise because it is stress relieving and is a full body workout. For senior citizens, the yoga sessions should be easier compared to yoga for the young. It is a great way to develop core power, lengthening and also strengthening muscles and also a moderate level of cardio activity which gets the heart pumping. Senior citizens should engage in yoga sessions that have low-impact movements and positions so that they can achieve each position.

2. Swimming

Swimming is called to be the ultimate full body workout for all ages. Since it does not require weights it is another ideal workout for senior citizens. It could possible help in strengthening core muscles, arms, legs and glutes. Since it is a low-impact option, it is great for those senior citizens that have chronic back problems. Make sure that seniors are placed in water that are not too deep, most preferably in a water depth that they can still stand in so they are not at risk for drowning.

3. Walking

This is one of the easiest exercises that seniors can engage in. Since they can do it pretty much anywhere they are, like their neighbourhood, the park and the mall, they can benefit from just 20 to 30 minutes a day of walking. Besides a good workout for their heart, they can also catch some fresh air.

4. Biking

For seniors that love biking, it can also be another great workout for them. It is also a low-impact option which works the legs and glutes. They can go slower in pace if they feel tired and go faster if they want to increase in speed.

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5. Dancing

Dancing can be another wonderful workout for those seniors who want to let loose. Dancing can be a free activity and can be done at home with just some music or dancing can be a paid workout at dance studios. Whatever option, dancing is a great way to increase the heart rate and get in some cardio exercise for seniors.

6. Running

Since running is a little more intense compared to the other physical activities mentioned, for those seniors that can still tolerate this exercise, then they should definitely continue. But they should keep in mind to run in shorter distances and in well-lit places so that they can stay away from injuries from their surroundings. It is still an excellent cardio workout even for 15 to 20 minutes a day.

7. Pilates

For those seniors that have knowledge and experience on Pilates, it is a great strength training workout that focuses on core muscles such as the abdominal muscles and back muscles. The thing to remember is that as people age, there should be investment in smarter efforts to maintaining core muscles to stay away from certain aging conditions. Pilates is one of the best options in preserving core muscles even as senior citizens.

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