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6 Steps for Finding Affordable, Comfortable Assisted Living

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Date : January 23,2014
By : Marlena Stoddard

When it’s time to start thinking about assisted living care, it can be a bit overwhelming. Declining mobility and independence can be devastating for you and a loved one. Assisted living communities are aware of the needs of its residents. They understand and balance the assistance of its residents with the desire to stay as independent as possible.

Start Your Search Early

Many facilities have waiting lists. You’ll want to find the perfect community for you or your loved one, so it’s important to start the search early and do some research. Good Atlanta retirement communities will often have a long waiting list, so consider that when starting your search.

Assess Your Needs

Before beginning your search for an assisted living community, list the things that you or your loved one values the most. Since you or your loved one is retired from working life, other things will take priority like family, friends, church groups and hobbies. Narrow down the most essential considerations into a list you can use to find the most suitable community environment.


Ask each facility for referrals and check on those referrals. Don’t take them at face value without doing a little more research. If there’s a way to call the person, do that. Talk to as many people as possible to help narrow down the list of possible facilities.
Talk to Residents
The best referrals will come from the residents themselves. Talk to them while visiting the facility. Don’t be afraid to ask their opinion. If they seem wary about talking in front of the staff, consider that to be a small red flag.

Tour the Facility

Take a guided tour of the community, ask questions and take a critical look at your surroundings. If possible, visit more than once at different times. During the evening shift, there will be less staff. You can see how connected the staff is with residents, and whether there is adequate care at night. Show up unannounced so you can see how the facility operates.

Waiting Lists

Find out how long the waiting lists are at the facilities. This will help you figure out your time frame. Especially if you find the perfect facility. Get onto the waiting list as soon as possible.

After making your list of possible communities based on your research, touring the facility and talking to residents, base your choice on whether you can afford the community, and your gut reaction to it.