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6 Simple Tasks to Maintain Senior Mobility

Date : June 12,2014
By : Kandace Heller

Do you want to maintain mobility as you age and keep aches and pains away? If so, try a few of these options to stay active and healthy.

1) Exercise For Fun

This is an important aspect of staying active in senior years. Find a place that offers an exercise program that you like, be it water yoga, mild zumba, aerobics, or a walk in the park, and spend twenty to thirty minutes each day enjoying being active. If you try to stick to a program that you do not like, or that is too long or too hard, you will find yourself not wanting to continue.

2) Do light Weight Training

Try to work in a little bit of weight training every week, but not too much. Chose lighter weights and do more reps to get the same effect without hurting yourself or causing burn out. Weight training will keep your muscles active and growing rather than deteriorating and will allow for prolonged mobility.

3) Don’t Pant

When exercising, your breathing should remain relatively low. If you can talk in full sentences, you are right on track, if you cannot talk at all, you are over working yourself.

4) Eat a Balanced Diet

Diet is very important in activity health. Without a proper diet, your exercise routines will fall to waste. Make sure you are getting plenty of calcium and protein to keep both your muscles and your bones strong.

5) Make Sure You Are Working Every Muscle Group

One thing that many people, young and old, forget to do is work on each muscle group specifically. At least a few days a week make sure to do a full body work out, not just legs, not just arms, because otherwise you will be building capability in part of your body and losing it elsewhere. When researching exercises to do, check which muscle group it correlates with and try to fit in as many different groups as possible. A trainer or gym instructor will be able to show you specifics for full body work outs as well.

6) Stay In Touch With Your Doctor

It is vitally important as you age to make sure you are seeing your doctor and getting the attention that you need. A doctor will be able to make sure your exercises are working, your diet is balanced, and you are not overworking yourself. Never forego that doctor’s trip, it may keep you on your feet for many more years to come. If you live in a retirement home then check to see if this location has a doctor on standby that can help you.

So, if you want to maintain mobility into your golden years, make sure you are giving your body the appropriate attention. Enjoy what you do, exercise a way that fits you, and don’t forget to visit your doctor to make sure you are on track to a happy, healthy, active future.