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6 Major Scenic Retirement Destinations

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We all love to find the most scenic destinations to travel to for our holidays, but once you approach retirement age, it is highly likely you will start to think about finding a destination that you can settle in for the long-term. There is no denying the fact that our world is literally crammed-full of possibilities, so let’s set some time aside to investigate the top 6 most scenic destinations that should definitely be on your potential list.

1. British Colombia, Canada

If you have a penchant for breath-taking scenery, you will definitely love British Colombia which is in the far west of Canada. This is where you will find the Rockies Mountains draped in lush forests and the coastline can at times look very similar to the fjords of Norway. Many parts of British Colombia are extremely sparsely populated—which will be perfect for retirees who are looking for total peace and tranquillity; on the other hand, the fantastically cosmopolitan city of Vancouver can also be found in this part of Canada if you still want to enjoy vibrant city life.

2. The Tyrol, Austria

The Tyrol region in the west of Austria must rank as being one of my favourite areas in the whole world. The quaint and picturesque towns and villages which have a backdrop of impressive mountains always looks like something that has come straight off the pages of a fairytale storybook. Considering the fact that the landscape is so mountainous here, the Austrians have done a fantastic job in building railways and major road connections between all of the main towns and cities in the area. This is good and clean living and definitely ideal for anyone considering a destination to retire to.

3. St. Lucia

My definite favourite Caribbean destination: St. Lucia is quite different from many of the other islands which surround it and this is mainly down to the fact that the island is more mountainous and covered in lush, green rainforests in the interior. There are few other scenes on this planet of ours that are able to compete with the world-famous view of the Piton Mountains in the background, with the azure-blue Caribbean Sea sparkling in the foreground—this really is Mother Nature at her most beautiful!

4. The Norwegian Fjords

The Norwegian Fjords must rank as one of the most stunning parts of this great planet of ours. The deep valleys which are carved along the whole of the west coast of Norway really will take your breath away if you ever get the opportunity to visit them. The only thing that lets this suggestion down is the fact that Norway is just so expensive to live in—in fact, it is by far the most ridiculously-priced country I have ever been to. If you have more than enough funds to ensure a comfortable life in Norway, this is a country that should be considered for you to retire to.

5. The Seychelles

If you picture your retirement being spent in a part of the world that most closely resembles paradise, you seriously need to think along the lines of The Seychelles. These awesomely beautiful islands, which lie in the Indian Ocean, boast some of the most impressive white sandy beaches you will ever find. The islands are very comfortable and have all that you could ever need. This really would prove to be a great option for retirement and you simply couldn’t spoil yourself any more if you tried!

Queenstown, South Island, New Zealand

Queenstown, South Island, New Zealand


6. South Island, New Zealand

Now don’t get me wrong, the North Island of New Zealand definitely has plenty going for it: it tends to be much warmer than the South for a start; but for sheer breath-taking beauty, South Island cannot be beaten. The Southern Alps dominate much of this island and this makes for some of the most stunning scenery you will ever see. The towns and cities are all extremely civilised and well-equipped and you can look forward to spending an exceptionally peaceful and relaxed retirement in this fabulous country.
Of course, there are so many parts of our world to consider if you are keen to enjoy a retirement surrounded by scenic beauty. This article has probably only scratched the surface of possibilities. Nevertheless, hopefully the suggestions above have given you a little food for thought and will help to make your final decision that little bit easier.