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Understanding Why Many Seniors Don’t Qualify for Social Security

Date : Apr 17,2014
By : Anita Ginsburg

Most men and women are not able to receive disability benefits and social security retirement benefits at the same time. This is because the social security disability program is designed to offer benefits for men and women who are unable to work because of their current disability condition. In addition, this type of social security program is designed to help men and women who are not old enough to receive their retirement benefits. Most of the time social security can be a type of retirement benefit for men and women who have to retire early because of their disability. However, once the retirement age has been reached, the social security benefits will be converted to retirement benefits.

Retirement and Disability

Someone can obtain social security disability if they took advantage of an early retirement program before they were approved for social security disability benefits. If the money that is received is less than the full amount of money that is obtained from retirement benefits, the social security disability program will pay the difference between the full disability benefit amount and the early retirement benefit amount. This money will make up for the time the person was disabled and receiving early retirement benefits. The amount of money that was not made due to the disability will not be counted when it is time to calculate the amount of money that will be received from the retirement benefits program.

Taking Early Retirement before the Disability

If someone decides to take advantage of early retirement benefits before they became disabled, they will not be able to receive the difference between the early retirement benefits and the social security disability benefits. In addition, after they are able to retire they will not be able to receive more than the early retirement rate that they received beforehand. The early retirement rate is normally less than the full retirement benefits that most men and women are able to receive. If the disability claim is denied by Social Security, that person will only be able to receive payments from their early retirement program. These payments will remain at the early retirement rate for the rest of their lives.

Taking Early Retirement

There is no guarantee that someone will be able to receive disability benefits. Because of this, it is important to carefully consider your options before you decide to retire early. Retiring early means you will not be able to obtain more money later. Talking to a disability lawyer like Robert K. Kolber, Inc can help you make the right decision.