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5 Tips for Avoiding Problems and Staying Safe this Holiday Season

Date : November 05,2013
By : Chaleigh Glass

The holiday season is something people look forward to year round. It is a time for friends and families to reconnect with one another. Adults get a chance to relax, socialize, and spend time away from work, while children get to enjoy time off of school, not to mention all of the new gifts. There is no denying that the holidays are a special time of year for everyone, but this is not a reason to let down your guard. The holidays’ while extremely enjoyable, are also a period of time when the crime rate spikes to extremely high levels, mostly because people are more susceptible. Thus, here are 5 tips that can help you to protect yourself and your family during this special time of the year, making sure that it is truly a special time that will only hold good memories.

Be attentive when shopping

When doing your holiday shopping, be sure to take all of the necessary safety precautions. During the holiday season, criminal activity will be at its peak. First, make sure that you keep your wallet, keys, and phone in a place that is secure. Pickpockets can easily get things out of your pants or jacket pockets, even if your clothing has a button or is tight. Instead, place all of your valuable in the inside pockets or any jackets that you are wearing. If you are using a purse, make sure that you carry it in front of you or under your arm, making sure that your body is always over the opening and that it is secured to your person.

It is also important that you protect all of the items that you do choose to buy. If you are going out for a day of shopping, make sure that you place all of your purchases in your trunk, preferably under a towel or something else if your trunk has windows. This will make it so that potential thieves won’t be able to spot valuable items, making it more likely that they will go and rob another vehicle that has a guaranteed return.

Be leery of visitors

It is not uncommon for people to ask for donations during the holiday season. However, allowing strangers into your home is a recipe for disaster, no matter how kind and cheerful they may seem. If someone comes to your door requesting a donation, kindly ask them to leave the information on your door step. If you desire to make a donation, you will be able to get back to them at your own convenience. Also, make sure that your children know that they are never allowed to answer the door, even for people that they may know.

It is also important that you make sure that you do not give these people any sort of personal information. They might seem like they are only trying to have a kind conversation, but this is a way they can track whether or not you will be gone for the holidays or if you have valuables that are easy to reach within your home. You don’t need to be rude, but keep your conversations brief, do not talk about anything that may be personal, and never let a person set a foot in your home. If they are persistent or forceful in any way, close the door and lock it. No, it isn’t very kind, but it will help to protect you and your family from those that would cause you harm.

Protect the kids

The holiday season makes for a very crowded and hectic shopping environment. The best approach is to leave the kids home with a trusted adult while you are out doing your shopping. When you are not shopping, going out with the children during then holidays can be fun, especially since there are so many family activities that are tailored towards their interests. Because of this, if you do choose to go out with your children, make sure that you are giving them your full attention. Do not shop during this time, and do not let them go off on their own. You should also make sure that your children know what to do if a stranger tries to talk with them or forces them to do something. These simple tips can allow for your family to have fun and enjoyable outings that are free of potential disasters.

Be careful on the road

The roadways during the holiday seasons tend to stay jam-packed with travelers and shoppers, or simply those that are out enjoying the holiday atmosphere. To make matters worse, many people can have sensitive temperaments because of high levels of stress that are often associated with this time of year, which can result in anger and aggressive driving. Thus, make sure that you never do anything that may start a problem, and if someone is driving aggressively around you, pull over and call the police.

Drinking also is a large part of the holidays for many people, which can result in an increase number of people driving under the influence. If you notice a motorist that is driving reckless, do not hesitate to contact the local police. This can help to prevent disastrous accidents and other problems. The lawyers at recommend that if you plan on including alcohol in your holiday celebrations, you should always have a designated driver or plan on calling a taxi that can take you back home.

Choose your ATM wisely

When visiting an ATM machine, a sneaky criminal could be watching your every move, waiting for the perfect opportunity to rob you or still your card’s code. Always scan the area for suspicious activity before getting out of your vehicle, making sure that you drive around the building and the ATM. After receiving cash from an ATM, quickly place the funds into your pockets and get back into your vehicle as soon as possible. Using an outdoor ATM late at night is a definite no-no. Indoor ATMs are generally a lot safer, but make sure that there are other people around you and that you are in a well-lit location.

If all of the necessary safety precautions are taken, the holiday season can be a very joyful time of the year. A little preparation will certainly help to keep you and your loved ones secure, and it will keep this special time of year free from any bad memories or traumatizing experiences.