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5 Things to Look for in an Assisted Living Center

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Date : January 10,2014
By : Meghan Belnap

When it comes to our loved ones, there’s no room for error. Getting those we love the appropriate care and attention is extremely important. It’s a fact that none of us want to face, but not all assisted living centers and employees of these centers are capable of delivering the absolute best care possible to the elderly and disabled. Because the care of your loved ones is not something to chance, it’s important to do as much research about potential assisted living centers as possible before making the ultimate choice. Below are 5 things to look for in an assisted living center to ensure that you loved one received the best care possible and an easy transition into the center.

Does the center meet necessary requirements?

Verify that the assisted living center meets all state and local requirements. Many states and cities require certain licenses for assisted living centers. Check with your local regulatory agency for requirements and verify that the center meets them.

Does the center look comfortable?

Imagine yourself having to move to a new place to be cared for. Most likely, you will not want to live in a hospital-like facility. Try to find a homey, comfortable facility that resembles your loved one or family member’s own home. Centers with couches and sun rooms are great for those that will venture out of their rooms. Also ensure that the center’s beds are comfortable and spacious.

Does the center offer activities or clubs?

Spending all of your time in the same building can quickly become boring. Ensure that the assisted living center offers activities for their tenants. Many facilities also have clubs that individuals can join to mingle with others with similar interests (For example: sewing clubs or prayer groups.)

How is the food?

Ask about meals provided for the tenants/patients. Many facilities will let you try out the meals as well. Are the meals nutritious? Do they taste good? What will be served if the individual is allergic to a certain type of food? These are all great questions to ask when interviewing an assisted living center.

How is the healthcare?

The most important things to verify is how the center provides care to its patients. Check to see how many nurses and nurse assistants are available and ask what steps and procedures are taken to ensure exceptional care!

Don’t be afraid to ask too many questions when looking for the perfect assisted living center. Good centers like Water’s Edge of Lake Wales center think about every possible aspect of an individual’s stay and do everything possible to accommodate the individual.