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5 Must Read Home Security Tips for Seniors | Retirement for Seniors
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5 Must Read Home Security Tips for Seniors

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Date : Feb 08,2014
By : Karleia steiner

As you grow older, it is important to ensure you take steps to protect yourself and your belongings. While you want to enjoy your retirement, sadly there are people who might try to take advantage of you. Here are some ideas on how to help keep your home a safe place to be.

1: Install Security Lights.

Having motion sensing lights on the outside of your home or garage can discourage thieves from attempting to break into your home, so that your neighbors can see who is at your door at night can prevent anyone from attempting to open your door without permission. Leaving an exterior light on all the time near entryways can also prevent unwelcome intrusions.

2: Have Regular Company.

Thieves may watch your house from a distance, and having additional people come to visit to check on you will inform them that you aren’t an easy target. This can have an additional benefit if you become ill, as your friends and families will know something is wrong if you can’t be reached.

3: Install a Security System.

If you enjoy traveling, your home may be empty for days at a time. Having an automatic security system installed, like the one offered from, will allow police to investigate anything suspicious that happens while you are away. They also will function when you are in town, as well, providing extra security.

4: Ensure All Doors are Locked.

All of the best locks, electronic security systems, and doors can’t help if you regularly leave your doors unlocked. There’s no reason to make it easy, take care every time you come in the door to lock it behind you. Despite the inconvenience to any guests, it is a small price to pay to keep yourself safe.

5: Be Suspicious of Salesmen.

People may knock on your door selling all sorts of products, proclaiming what a great deal they are offering. Despite their appearances, they might also be checking your home for valuables or their goods may be counterfeit or stolen. While many honest people are also salesman, be wary of anything that seems to good to be true. Sadly, seniors can be targeted for this type of scam.

Overall, the most important thing is to be aware of what is happening in your area, and to communicate with your neighbors about what you see. Be vigilant and you can protect yourself and your home from many common crimes.