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5 Methods You Haven’t Considered That Can Improve Your Smile and Looks

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Date : October 22,2013
By : Chaleigh Glass

Nothing lights up a room more than a big, beautiful smile. Whether you are just saying hello to a passerby or making a presentation, a simple smile can make a great impression. Many people do not give enough attention to the important of having a great smile, with many more simply thinking that they can have perfect teeth by simply brushing their teeth every night. However, your mouth requires a certain amount of maintenance in order to exude a camera-worthy smile. Here are five methods that you haven’t considered that can improve your smile and looks.

Floss Regularly

Although most people make it a priority to brush their teeth daily, some forget the importance of flossing each day. If you fail to floss regularly, your mouth will be much more susceptible to tooth decay and gingivitis. Flossing effectively also helps to remove the plaque and tarter that your toothbrush can not reach. If your gums happen to bleed during the flossing process, this is usually a sign of mild gingivitis. The good news is that bleeding will normally subside within a couple of weeks, along with any pain or discomfort that is felt while flossing. Flossing once a day is a simple and quick process and it can prevent a wide variety of dental problems, making it so that you have good looking teeth for years to come.

improve smile and looks

Visit the Dentist

Some people cringe at the very thought of going to see the dentist. However, failing to visit the hygienist at least twice a year is a recipe for disaster. Not only is visiting the dentist one of the keys to a magnificent smile, it may also prevent certain diseases. Some of the potential ailments that result from a lack of teeth cleanings include obesity, heart attacks, strokes, and diabetes. When you visit the dentists, you more than likely will have your teeth cleaned and polished, but some dental professionals will also be able to perform a teeth whitening procedure that can remove almost all of your stains or other coloration that are on your teeth.

Do Not Smoke

Cigarette smoking is an absolute no-no if you want to have a nice smile. Smoking causing the gums to become unhealthily and leaves a permanent stain on the enamel of your teeth. In severe cases, the damage is irreversible, except with expensive teeth whitening procedures. Smoking can also cause severe damage to your gums. This soft tissue around your teeth is also essential to a great smile, which makes smoking absolutely horrible since it can kill this tissue and cause it to be discolored.

Consider Dentures

If your smile is starting to negatively affect your confidence, you may want to consider getting dentures. A set of affordable dentures will instantly restore the beautiful smile that you have been missing. Contrary to the opinion of some people, dentures are great for people of all ages. This is especially true if you have a few teeth that are missing, since dentures can be made to just replace these missing parts of your mouth, helping to give you a full and perfect smile, while also preventing your teeth from shifting and becoming displaced because of the open areas.

Watch What You Drink

Believe it or not, your choice of beverage can quietly be affecting your teeth. If you have a routine of drinking tea or coffee everyday, you may want to consider breaking this habit. Although an occasional glass of wine or cup of coffee is harmless, drinking these beverages everyday can cause internal staining of the teeth. Even soda can cause an enormous amount of damage to the enamel that is on the outside of your teeth. If you still want to drink these beverages, make sure that you do so in moderation and try to use a straw, since this can help the liquid to bypass the teeth.

Retaining a nice smile is not very difficult, but it does take some regular maintenance and a willingness to stop certain bad habits.