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5 Major Signs it is Time to Get Hearing Aids

Date : Apr 10,2014
By : Lizzie Weakley

Enjoying an orchestral performance in a renowned concert hall or the sounds of nature while sitting on a local park bench are some of life’s most simple pleasures. Unfortunately, hearing damage can disrupt your ability to enjoy such things and reduce your quality of life in general. The human body is amazingly adaptive and resilient, but it will inevitably degrade with time. If you think it might be time to invest in hearing aids, here are some signs that can help you make a decision.

1. You’re always asking people to repeat themselves

Do you find yourself having trouble comprehending what others are saying during a face-to-face conversation? Do you constantly ask others to speak up or repeat what they’ve said to you? If so, your hearing could be bad. It might seem like you surround yourself with timid people at first, but it’s more likely that you require a hearing aid.

2. Your loved ones demand that you turn down the volume on the television

A major sign of hearing loss is listening to the TV or radio too loud. While the volume might appear to be just right to you, if everyone else in the house is complaining about it, you should seriously think about why that might be.

3. It’s hard to understand what other people are saying unless you can see their faces

People who are hard of hearing tend to rely on lip reading to help them understand what’s being said to them. If they can’t see mouths moving, they seem to get lost during conversations. Looking confused or responding with an unrelated answer suggests that certain chunks of information weren’t properly received.

4. Telephone conversations have become difficult

Individuals who don’t have any significant hearing loss should be able to talk over the phone without any issues. If telephone conversations used to be enjoyable to you, but now you find them to be frustrating and prefer to avoid them altogether, you probably need a hearing aid.

5. People notice you speaking more loudly

Some people have naturally loud voices. Others speak more loudly because their hearing abilities have decreased. Since hearing yourself is crucial to proper communication, those who’ve experienced hearing loss will unknowingly speak louder so that they can continue to hear themselves speak. If people close to you mention a rise in your volume, it could be time to get a hearing aid.

According to many audiologists, the above signs suggest that your hearing isn’t what it used to be. By getting a hearing aid such as Los Angeles hearing aids, you can continue to enjoy your favorite movies, the voices of your loved ones, or the birds singing in the morning. Things don’t have to change, and with hearing aids, they won’t.