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5 Incredibly Useful Gadgets for Seniors

Date : Mar 7,2014
By : Karleia Steiner

Seniors may struggle to be tech savvy since they have lived and thrived throughout their lives using simpler means. However, this does not mean that all seniors must become Luddites. There are plenty of gadgets available that use technology in a way that is intuitive and easily comprehensible. Here are five examples that any senior would love:

5) Fujifilm Instant Camera:

Before digital cameras took over photography, cameras used film. For those who didn’t want to wait around to get their film developed, instant cameras would pop out a picture the moment it was taken. With several models to choose from to fit many needs, photographers can experience the pleasure of shooting pictures without worrying about things like file formats, memory size, and picture modes.

4) Cardiac Event Monitor:

For the aged suffering from heart problems, this gadget is essential. It is a pen-sized monitor that performs an ECG in 30 seconds. By simply holding the monitor in one hand and pressing a finger against the sensor, a user can receive an accurate reading that helps keep track of potential arrhythmia. Up to 20 ECG readings can be stored in the pen, and they can be printed out or emailed to a doctor.

3) LG Hom-Bot 3.0:

This robotic vacuum from LG puts an end to the wearisome chore of cleaning carpets and hard floors. It maps out rooms automatically, avoids obstacles, is quiet enough to watch without turning the volume up, returns to the charging base when it is low on power, and even speaks. The robot will tell owners when it has finished cleaning, when it is recharging, when it needs the dust bin emptied, etc.

2) Kobo Glo E-Reader:

Bibliophiles who are tired of the sometimes limited number of large print versions of their favorite books will enjoy the crisp text, brightness, and customizable font size of this e-reader. Completely touch operated, the Glo is simple, can store up to 1,000 books, includes a translator, and a dictionary. This is a great product for not just for seniors, but for readers of any age.

1) MedReady Medication Dispenser:

A boon for seniors who may have trouble remembering when and how much medication to take, these dispensers sound an alarm when a medication is to be taken. It only dispenses the correct amount of medication at a given time and can alert caregivers, depending on the model purchased, if medications have not been taken.

Author Bio

Karleia is a freelance blogger. She recommends Golden Pond and similar quality assisted living homes if you are looking to help a loved one transition into a senior living community.