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5 Health Precautions You Should Take in Your Senior Years

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Date : December 28,2013
By : Hannah Whittenly

As people age, self-care becomes more important than ever. Small actions can have dramatic results that improve quality of life and overall enjoyment. You can take a few measures every day that make a significant difference in how you experience your senior years.

Design a Healthy Diet

Older people often find their appetites aren’t as hearty as they once were, but good nutrition is even more important as you age. Researchers recommend eating whole-grains, lean meats, plenty of fruits and vegetables either raw or cooked and healthy fats. Olive oil, canola oil and peanut oils are advised. Limit the amount of processed foods you consume, and only drink moderate amounts of caffeine and alcohol.

Institute An Appropriate Exercise Regime

A daily walk is a great way to work your cardiovascular system, increase muscle strength and improve respiratory function. Bicycling can be a fun way to get your exercise and socialize at the same time. Your local gym has a variety of equipment that can help improve muscle strength, balance and bone density. Try to work out in some fashion at least three times each week. Always stop when you feel tired or feel discomfort.

Begin Good Skin Care Program

Conditions such as skin cancer, shingles and dryness occur more frequently in older people. Visit your dermatologist annually to check for skin cancer, especially if you live in a sunny climate or have had skin cancer previously. Use sunscreen whenever you are outdoors. Get a shingles vaccination to prevent the rash and pain from this disease. Use emollients to combat dryness and give your skin a softer, fresher appearance.

Get Proper Oral Care

After years of wear and tear, your teeth may need special care to ensure you can consume a good diet and enjoy overall good health. Visit your dentist regularly and have corrective procedures to gums and teeth done as needed. Good oral care can help to reduce bacteria in your mouth that can affect your entire body. Find out more about how you can care for your oral health at

Care For Your Feet

Aging can cause a number of foot problems that make walking difficult. See a podiatrist for any foot pain to ensure that you can stay active and free of pain. Orthopedic surgery can make the difference between freedom of movement and chronic discomfort.
These simple tips can make a real difference in how you feel every day. Caring for your body can help you to enjoy life, no matter what age you reach.