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5 Great States Where Retirement is a Blast

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Date : January 09,2014
By : Tricia Borren

Choosing where to retire is a process unique to every individual. Many people are quick to decide on places that offer sunny weather yearlong, but other factors can be equally, if not more important, to retirement happiness. The economy, life expectancy, crime rate, taxes and just how much a state has to offer for seniors to enjoy all come in to play. Here is a list of the top 5 states to retire to, pulled from the research of, The Wall Street Journal, and Forbes magazine.

5. New Mexico

In addition to beautiful weather, the cost of living in New Mexico is 5% lower than the national average. Its snowy mountains are perfect for skiing, the forests in the north are have excellent hiking trails, and the vast pink and orange deserts make for some fantastic photo opportunities.

4. Florida

Great weather, beautiful beaches, and no state income tax make Florida one of the most popular states for seniors to retire too. The state’s large number of retirees creates a sense of community of citizens at similar stages in their lives. Some popular spots are Cape Coral for those who want to live on the water, Sarasota for cultural attractions, and Clearwater for frequent beachgoers. It’s also home to Ocala Horse Properties, sellers of marvelous horse farms throughout the state.

3. Colorado

High life expectancy, and a number of attractions that seniors can enjoy make Boulder, Colorado (among other cities) a wonderful retirement spot. Boulder boasts a spirited downtown area with the huge Pearl Street pedestrian mall, surrounded by famous cafes, restaurants and shopping venues. The El Dorado Canyon is great for hiking, and the mountains and lakes are suitable for all sorts of outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, and mountain biking.

2. Utah

Home of the Sundance film festival and team, Utah has an excellent economy and is home to five national parks in addition to world-renowned ski resorts Deer Valley and Park City. Retirees who go to Utah also have the opportunity to live near the Great Salt Lake (the biggest saltwater lake in the western hemisphere).

1. Hawaii

Warm weather and high life expectancy aren’t all that make Hawaii the number one retirement spot in the country. Seniors in Hawaii live longer than those in any other state. The cost of living in most places is rather high, but the islands of Maui and Oahu offer the laid-back Hawaiian experience at affordable prices.