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5 Great Reasons to Retire to Durham, NC

Date : April 30,2013
By : Kelly Opferman

Durham, North Carolina, isn’t flashy. It doesn’t have the thriving population of a metropolis like New York. It doesn’t have world-renowned architecture and art like Paris or Rome. It doesn’t have crystal-clear beaches or natural wonders like the Bahamas or South America.

Despite its unassuming nature, Durham has many great things to offer, and it is a fantastic place for you to retire. Here are just 5 great reasons to retire to Durham, NC:

It Is an Innovator in Health Care

As the home of leading educational institution Duke University and its proximity to the Research Triangle Park, Durham has been the center of innovative research. Its name is “The City of Medicine” for a reason. Duke has been named a top medical school for many years, as well as a top hospital in the nation. Durham is also the home of almost half of all biotechnology firms in the state. Living in Durham gives you access to some of the best health care, as well as to potentially life-saving innovative treatments.

It Is a Cultural Center

Durham is home to many museums, galleries, and festivals. Over 47 festivals are held here annually, including the American Dance Festival, the Bull Durham Blues Festival, and the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival. You can enjoy great music and arts all year round.

It Is a Foodie Haven

Durham has a thriving local food scene, which has been recognized nationally. Top chefs in the nation are working in Durham. There are many local farms that are producing quality, organic ingredients for delicious home-cooked meals or gourmet, restaurant meals. Of course, there are also many excellent festivals that celebrate the rich culinary traditions of the area. Living in Durham, you can enjoy great local cuisine from nationally recognized chefs, as well as quality foods produced by local farms with which you can create relationships.

It Boasts Beautiful Natural Scenery

Durham is a beautiful place to live. It has numerous parks, forests, and gardens. Duke Gardens is nationally known, and is the home of hundreds of natural plant and wildlife. Duke Forest, the Eno River State Park, the American Tobacco Trail, and numerous lakes, streams and scenic byways all create endless opportunities for enjoying nature and getting healthy activity.

It Has a Long Historical Tradition

Durham may small compared to other cities, but it is big in history. There are many historic sites in the city, offering numerous opportunities to learn and explore. These include the Bennett Place State Historic Site, the Duke Homestead State Historic Site and Tobacco Museum, the Hayti Heritage Center, Historic Stagville, Black Wall Street, the N.C. Civil War Trail, and the Historic Brightleaf District, which shows off the region’s long tobacco history. There are many great opportunities for the history buff or those just looking to learn and explore.

Durham is a growing city, and it offers a little bit of something for everyone. Retirees can find many great things to love about Durham. Add it to your list of possible sites and explore what it has to offer you in your golden years.

The Author:

Kelly Opferman is a seasoned writer who at this time focuses on her site,, Her educational background includes finance, teaching, and economics.