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5 Essential Home Security Tips for Seniors

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Date : December 06,2013
By : Karleia steiner

A senior citizen must stay vigilant if he or she wants to protect their property. While most people know the basic ideas, some older folks do not take enough steps to protect their house and possession. With this in mind, here are five essential home security tips for seniors.

Home setup:

With a home security monitoring setup, a resident can watch out for criminals and burglars. This is a serious benefit for an older person who may not have much mobility or energy to fend off thieves. In fact, with a Vivint home automation setup, most thieves will simply run the other way and look for another house to rob. Remember, with a proactive approach, a senior can rest comfortably at home without fear.

5 Essential Home Security Tips for Seniors


Often, criminals will show up at a house dressed as an electrician or person from a charity. When they do this, they often try to case out the house or even gain access. For this reason, a senior should verify that the person is who they say they are. Luckily, a worker will have a badge and will gladly show this to a senior. If this is not shown, a homeowner should call to verify and potentially call the police.


Some older folks leave expensive items lying around the house for all to see. This is a serious mistake, and one must take steps to hide electronics, jewelry and cash. To do this effectively, a homeowner should have a safe and use it all the time. Without a doubt, when people cannot see expensive items, they are unlikely to rob the house.


Some seniors sit in a dark and quite room and relax in peace. While this is enjoyable for a retired person, they may open themselves up to criminals. Instead, a homeowner should try to use automated lights to scare away criminals. Remember, a thief will love to go into a dark house so he or she can steal stuff with ease.

Keep yard up:

When a person ages, they usually have a hard time keeping the yard looking nice. Unfortunately, this will signal to a robber that nobody is home most of the time. Instead, a homeowner should hire a professional who can clean the yard and cut the grass all the time.

With these five easy to follow tips, a homeowner can protect his or her home. A senior who does this and takes a serious approach can avoid most problems.