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5 Creative Ideas for Creating More Space in a Small Apartment

Date : November 21,2013
By : Chaleigh Glass

Murphy beds may be the small apartment dweller’s best friend. These fold-into-the-wall beds give you more floor space. Some small apartments already come equipped with them. These types of beds usually don’t have to be assembled and often come with drawers or cupboards to give you even more storage options. These beds are absolutely essential for studio apartments, where you don’t want your bed to be occupying all of your floor space during the day, but you also want a comfortable place to sleep during the night.

Thinking Differently About Dressers

The fireplace mantel is a place where people show off family pictures, display art or holiday cards, or place a few of their favorite books. One piece of advice that is offered by sites such as for those that don’t have mantles is to use a dresser for the same purpose. Most people think that dressers are only for the bedroom, but these decorative and function pieces can look great, give you plenty of display space, and have plenty of storage for all of your different items.

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To make this work in a space like a studio apartment, use half of the drawers for clothing items and the other half to store items such as tools, linens for a table, books or videos, and other household items that you’ll use in that general vicinity of the room. Decorate the top of the dresser like you would a mantel to pull together the look and make the most of the space.

Hidden Storage Compartments

House & Home Magazine suggests that furniture pieces such as steamer trunks or bamboo laundry hampers can serve more than one purpose if you plan correctly. In both these cases, you can store items such as bath towels or blankets inside. Hampers that have a top can then function as a side or end table, and trunks a coffee table. Other furniture pieces that allow you to do this include ottomans or stacking boxes.

Floating Islands on Wheels

Kitchens count as a favorite space for many people, and having enough kitchen space to have guests over can sometimes be difficult in small spaces. has some great suggestions that can turn even the smallest of kitchens into fun and functional areas. The simplest suggestion involves adding a small kitchen island with wheels and storage shelves to your kitchen. Doing this gives you more counter space for eating and for chopping vegetables or making pie dough. The nice thing about buying one with wheels is that you can also roll it out of the way when you need your floor space to be open.

Wall and Door Hooks

Items such as purses, shoes, and coats don’t need their own dedicated closet space. Instead, you can hang up decorative hooks and store these items on them. Hang the hooks or coat racks on the back of a bedroom door or an out-of-the-way alcove to keep the wall looking clutter free and your space visually open. You can also stick hooks with adhesive on the backs inside cupboard doors to store coffee cups, pan lids or or as suggests, your WiFi box.

As you can see, having a small apartment doesn’t mean you have to do without space. You do, however, have to employ some creative methods for storage as well as making better use of the space you already have. However, a well-planned studio or one-bedroom can become very homey and inviting with the right space-saving and space-making accessories.