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4 Ways to Combat Drug Abuse Among Seniors

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Date : December 14,2013
By : Marlena Stoddard

Overcoming drug abuse at any age is often extremely challenging, regardless of the substance that is being abused regularly. Combating drug abuse among seniors can be even more difficult, as it can be nearly impossible to tell whether or not an individual is using and abusing drugs if they are prescribed medications to be taken daily. Knowing various ways to combat drug abuse among seniors is the first step to getting the help your loved one needs to live a longer, healthier and more fulfilling life altogether without the use of drugs and alcohol.

4 Ways to Combat Drug Abuse Among Seniors

Build a Loving Support Group

Building a loving support group is one of the first essential steps to overcome and combat drug abuse among seniors. Ensuring your loved ones that they have friends and family members available for support at all times is a way to build the emotional and mental strength necessary to move forward with getting clean and becoming sober.

Consider Outpatient Treatment Options

There are outpatient treatment programs available for individuals who use drugs at all ages. Outpatient treatment programs often require all individuals enrolled to attend weekly or bi-weekly meetings to check in with others who are also attempting to get clean and sober.

Inpatient Treatment Facilities

There are also inpatient addiction rehabilitation centers that are ideal for anyone who is abusing drugs, including seniors. Inpatient rehab centers require patients live within the actual facility during the entirety of the treatment program that has been assigned to the individual. Inpatient treatment centers are highly recommended if you know a senior who may benefit from both individual and group therapy sessions in addition to having medical professionals and counselors nearby at all times.

Assisted Living

An assisted living home may be an option to help a loved one to overcome an addiction. Assisted living homes have professional doctors and medical staff on-board and available at all times to ensure all patients are taking the recommended dosages of their prescriptions each day.

Understanding some of the best ways to combat drug abuse among seniors is a way for you to get an advantage to help your own loved ones. Time and effort are necessary any time you are assisting a loved one through the course of addiction, even if they believe they have total self-control over their situation. Taking the time and putting in effort to effectively communicate with your loved ones is one of the first steps to overcoming the battle of addiction and substance abuse.