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4 Reasons to Treat Yourself Organic

Date : Oct 09,2015
By : Kate Flannery

Why do we pay a lot more attention to what we put in our bodies, in relation to what is applied on our bodies? The benefits of a healthy diet are known to everyone, but what is the situation with health, skin care and hair care? Our body absorbs nutritious substances through the skin, not only those that are received through the bloodstream.

As it is the case with a lot of things, in cosmetics are also preferred fast solutions, and synthetic ingredients serve just the purpose – they act fast and aggressively, have only an aesthetic goal, they promise (and often realize) a momentary visible effect. However, if the skin gets all the necessary nutrients for proper functioning, then it will be able to independently regenerate.

If there were two words that could briefly describe why the cosmetic products of organic origin are bettercompared to ordinary cosmetic products, then those words would be – effectiveness and health.

Senior woman and kids with hair curlers

1) Safe and free from side effects

Organic products contain active substances derived from plants, which in most cases are grown on organic farms, with no use of plant protection products, fertilizers or herbicides, and thus do not burden the body with even more chemicals.

Organic cosmetic products can be used throughout the year, and without fear of potential health risk. There’s no need to worry whether artificial materials in the composition of the product can further increase the risk level of the occurrence of malignant disease, liver damage and immune system, cause disturbances in breathing, disorders of the hormonal system or lead to the occurrence of chronic headaches. There’s also no need to worry whether present chemical compounds can harm the structure of the skin or hair, dry them out or lead to excessive sensitivity to light, or, for example, lead to allergic reactions in the form of a rash.

Senior woman and kids with hair curlers1

2) More effective

In the case of organic products, the active ingredients have to be extracted in a natural way, and they can only be minimally processed, so that even non-active ingredients are natural and without artificial preservatives and genetic modification. Based on this, it’s clear why organic products contain much higher amounts of vitamins, minerals and other plant nutrients, and why they have proved more effective.

3) Suitable for all skin types (as well as sensitive baby skin)

The organic cosmetics can be used by people with sensitive or oily skin, without having to worry whether their condition will further deteriorate because of the incorrect choice of creams.

Although children usually prefer products that are popular in society, there is always the risk of allergic reactions with chemical products. It is very important for parents to protect children from allergies. 100 Percent Pure organic baby products can be used by the whole family, and it is advisable to try to teach the children that. They will also be grateful if they no longer have to struggle with rash.

4) Eco-friendly

Cosmetic products with the addition of heavy metals and chemicals in the composition are polluting the air and water, and often come into contact with sewage and groundwater. By using organic cosmetics, you can contribute to the maintenance of our natural environment, provide a cleaner and more sustainable future for our children, and give your voice and support to those products that are not tested on animals.
Organic cosmetics is effective – in the long run. It’s not there for fast effects – although this too is possible (especially when you need to soothe irritated skin), but the result of continuous care is evident. If you like healthy food, and generally healthy lifestyle, organic cosmetics is definitely the right choice.