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4 Fitness Tips for Retirees

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Date : Feb 10,2014
By : Yesh Collins

You are never too old to be active. Regular workouts and a healthy lifestyle can lower the risk of most health complications during your senior years. Below are some fitness tips for retirees.

Visit a doctor

Before you start any fitness program, visit your doctor or physician. It is important to get their assessment on your physical condition. Your doctor can determine which exercises or workouts are suitable for your body. For example, if you are suffering from knee pains, your doctor can recommend other types of physical activities which will not aggravate your condition. Retirees who may have a family history of health complications or have only just begun working out are highly recommended to visit their physicians.

Start at a slow pace

It is dangerous to exercise without doing any stretches or warm-up activities. Anyone who puts their body under immediate physical stress may injure themselves. It is recommended for a retiree to start their workout slow by doing warm-up exercises which help loosen muscles and increase the heart rate at a steady pace.

Do a series of cardiovascular workouts such as jogging or walking. Do not push yourself to the point of exhaustion. Give yourself a 10min period of exercise and at least two minutes of rest in order to cool and relax your body. You can increase the spacing of your workout each week by 1 – 2min, which can help you get used to a longer period of physical activity.

Join a fitness group

If you live in a suburban environment or any of Brisbane’s retirement villages, look into any fitness groups available in your area. Being with others while working out can help motive you in becoming more active. Some people have a hard time maintaining a physical lifestyle during their senior years. Your fitness group peers can help you with keeping up with your work out and exercise regime.

Another benefit of being with a fitness group is to have people looking after everyone. It is impossible to know what may happen during your walk and accidents can occur. Most medical emergencies occur when a person is alone and not able to contact anyone once it happens. Your group peers will make sure everyone can work out safely.

Have fun

The best way to keep fit is to have fun with your workout and not see it is a tedious chore. You can do this by listening to music while jogging or doing stretches. If you have a fitness group, you will have other people to talk to or to have someone to compete with during your workout. You can also try new fitness programs if you feel your routine is becoming monotonous.
Remember, the best motivation in being fit during your retirement is to do it for yourself. Exercising outdoors can make you feel young both mentally and physically. – Yesh Collins, Garden Villages