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4 Excellent Golfing Destinations to Retire to

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The thought of spending our retirement in an idyllic location where everything we love in life is on tap at any time we want it is the main reason why so many thousands of people leave their original homeland and retire abroad every year. Indeed, it would seem that golf is certainly a huge draw for many retirees who adore a few rounds of golf each week (or even more regularly) and feel this opportunity to be their idea of a seventh heaven. Golf is an exceptionally popular sport and facilities are generally available to you in most parts of the world, however, for the best range of courses and in the most picturesque locations imaginable, let’s take a look at the following 4 suggestions.

Barbados Island

Barbados Island


If you like the idea of enjoying regular tee-offs in a truly beautiful part of the world, you should definitely take a look at Barbados. This relatively small Caribbean island is literally chock-a-block full of golf courses that are at the highest possible level and it is always easy to secure discounted packages for regular playing. Many golfing resorts have a choice of several courses to play on: be this 18- or 9-hole courses—depending on how much time you have at your disposal to invest in a game. You will often find that the properties available for rent or purchase on Barbados come with an adjoining or nearby golf course to enjoy—so avid golfers really would be spoilt! Some of the top golfing resorts to bear in mind on Barbados include The Royal Westmoreland, Sandy Lane Golf Course and Rockley Golf Course.

Mill Cove Golf Course Jacksonville, FL


It was a little difficult singling-out a specific US state for this list of 5 ideal golfing locations for retirees, but Florida definitely ranks as my favorite where this particular sport is concerned. You have an amazing choice of courses across the whole state and there is a much better chance of being able to play in this part of the US without any interruptions due to the weather—in fact, year-round, especially in the far south. Some of the world’s best courses can be found in Florida and these are mainly located close to Orlando and Central Florida and Miami. With so many courses to choose between in the state of Florida, it might help you to know the top ones in official ranking order (the first mentioned is top; last mentioned is 5th in Florida): The Mill Cove Course (Jacksonville); Pembroke Lakes Course (Pembroke Pines); Mangrove Bay Course (St. Petersburg); Calusa Pines Course (Naples); and Pines Barren Course (Brooksville).

Port Royal Golf Course Bermuda Island

Port Royal Golf Course Bermuda Island


It is said that this tiny island is thought to have more golf courses than fast-food restaurants—which is probably just as well for us retirees! As Bermuda is home to the PGA Grand Slam of Golf, it simply had to feature in this article on some great suggestions for golfing enthusiasts to retire to. There are numerous courses across the island which are said to be of an outstanding standard. These enjoy fabulous views over the island of Bermuda and Atlantic Ocean beyond. Some of the top courses to consider on Bermuda include St. Georges, Port Royal, Belmont Park, Ocean View and the Fairmont Southampton.

Club de Golf Valderrama

Club De Golf Valderrama , Spain


The popularity of golf in Spain has increased exponentially over the past 20 years especially. More and more courses are being built every year and often it is easy to secure accommodation in the country that is connected with your unlimited use of a golf course in some way (tee-off times usually apply though). This is a vast country where the types of courses will be as diverse as the myriad landscapes you may be playing in.

It is interesting to note that out of the 15 golf courses that have been voted as the best in Spain, six of these are actually around the city of Cadiz: so if you are looking for the ultimate Spanish golfing destination, I think it’s fair to say we have found it! Some of the most popular courses in Spain include Club de Golf Valderrama (Cadiz); San Roque Club (both the old and new courses) (Cadiz); PGA Golf de Cataluna (Girona); and Campo de Golf el Saler (Valencia).