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25 Amazing and Affordable Places to Retire in the United States

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Consider this – you have worked your whole life and finally reached the golden age of retirement. Your family has moved away and started their lives and you are no longer bound to a job in your current city or town. Do you stay? Many retirees choose to relocate to a place that offers more to do for seniors as well as more affordable housing and possibly better weather conditions. If you need help deciding which area of the great United States is best for you, check out our top 25 picks.

Port Charlotte, Florida

The Charlotte Harbor Sunset, Florida








With all the inner workings of a small city, Port Charlotte, Florida is the ideal place for seniors looking be near the ocean. Located along the Gulf Coast, Port Charlotte caters to the those retirees managing an average budget, looking for adventures on the high seas and who have a slight entrepreneurial spirit. An astonishing 44% of the 48,000-person population is over the age of 50 which only makes the area all the sweeter and more friendly.

Thanks to the dwindling economy, the average home price has dropped by over 60% leaving mansion houses available at prices as low as $150,000. Many people opt to spend their days cruising along the 270-square miles of coastal waters on their favorite boat. Of course there are plenty of other activities in the area including bird watching at the Charlotte Harbor Preserve State Park and belly dancing classes. Couple these and the many other amenities of Port Charlotte with no state income tax and beautiful weather year round and many people would say this area is a slam dunk.

Palm Springs, California

Palm Springs, California








Palm Springs offers some of the most picturesque views you will find in the United States. There are views of the mountains that span 360-degrees as well as lush green landscaping to enjoy. California is home to nearly 350 days of sun each year as well as mild temperature throughout the winter months. The area is most well known for being the beloved town of Frank Sinatra. Palm Springs has lower home rates than much of the state, coming in at $250,000 per home.

The small city is home to 48,000 people of which 42% are retirees. You will enjoy ample culture in the Palm Springs area thanks to the Palm Spring Art Museum, Palm Springs International Film Festival and many midcentury architecture landmarks that make the city special. The state of California income tax, however, is 10.55%.

Traverse City, Michigan

Winter Activities in Michigan

If you do not mind the cooler winter months and milder temperatures in the summer than Traverse City, Michigan is the right place for you to retire. The weather often deters people from moving to this beautiful city but you can’t beat the pristine ocean views and large sandy beaches that surround the city. Traverse City is filled with culture as well as a low of 14,000 people. Nearly half of the residents are over the age of 50 who have moved to enjoy the dropping home prices and low state income tax of 4.35%.

Located along the Great Lake, Traverse City is home to international film festivals, inuit art and Munson medical Center which has been Wrightwood of the top 100 facilities in the United States. There is a little bit of something for everyone if you choose to retire in Traverse City. Choose from the variety of wineries to two or in sample or head over to one of the ongoing art exhibits, theatrical productions or concerts that are hosted throughout the year.

Pinehurst, North Carolina

Mid Pines Inn and Golf Club, North Carolina

Another small town to make our list of the 25 best places to retire in the United States is Pinehurst, North Carolina. The area is known for its infamous Pinehurst resort which is home to one of the oldest and most prestigious golf courses in the country. Of course if you’re not a golf enthusiast you will enjoy the busy downtown and mild temperatures that are great for hiking and biking throughout the area. The average home price in Pinehurst is $300,000 while the state income tax comes in at 7.75%. Were gardens of the high your average home price and state taxes, Pinehurst’s 12,000 person population is composed of 57% seniors.

If the golf courses or beauty to not have you convinced that Pinehurst, North Carolina is the place you then you’ll want to take a look at their top notch medical facilities. Residents in the town are also eligible to play at the resort as well as use the tennis courts, swimming pool and beachfront. For those who do not reside in an area the annual membership is around $40,000.

Surprise, Arizona

Life In Arizona

Surprise, Arizona is not as small as some of the other towns that have made our list of places you retire but it’s small city charm coupled with the desert community certainly make it one of the top choices. Retirees can enjoy a modern style three-bedroom home for around $150,000 as well as the low state income tax of 4.54%. The fast-growing community of 91,000 people is continually welcoming more senior citizens to join the 43% of those that currently reside in Surprise.

You can enjoy watching spring training of the Texas Rangers at Surprise Baseball Stadium or head over to the town park and take a dive at their 10,500-sq. ft. center of aquatics. Ancient petroglyphs can be found at the Surprise Park as well as wine tasting, tennis and golf. For those living on a higher retirement budget – nearby Sun City Grand is a retirement center that offers all the major amenities of an exquisite resort.

Boulder City, Nevada

Hoover Dam,Nevada

As one of the few gambling-free towns in Nevada, Boulder City can offer retirees a desert location filed with outdoor activities and festivals all year round. Nearby there is the famous Hoover Dam which is both breathtaking and an attraction for area tourists. If you are looking for some real excitement, Las Vegas is only 20 miles away and is packed with shows, concerts and plenty of gaming throughout its several dozen hotels and casinos.

Be prepared to enjoy summer temperatures over the 100 degree mark throughout the summer months but take comfort in knowing that you can enjoy discount rates for seniors at all your favorite indoor golf arenas, museums and sports complex. Boulder city has a mere 14,000 residents of which 49% are over the age of 50. Best of all, you can enjoy no state income tax on your gaming winnings.

Fredericksburg, Texas


Deep in the heart of Texas you will find Fredericksburg. This small town is known for its quaint restaurants, boutiques and bed and breakfasts. There is a strong German theme throughout the town with its beer gardens and bakeries that fill the main streets. Every year tourists flock to the area to enjoy Oktoberfest as well as take advantage of the National Museum of Pacific War and the Pioneer Museum.

Seniors who retire to Fredericksburg will also enjoy the prominent art theme in town that feature nearly one dozen small galleries. You can enjoy a Sunday drive through the countryside which features rolling hills and winding roads which are perfect for motorcycles. The average home price in Fredericksburg is $220,00 and residents enjoy being state income tax-free.

Savannah, Georgia

Savannah Area Convention & Visitors Bureau

With the many things to consider when searching for a place to retire you do not want to miss out on the charm that exists in Savannah, Georgia. Residents enjoy living in a southern-style fantasy with cobblestone streets and large plantation houses that line the city. Seniors will find affordable housing at around $225,000 throughout Savannah as well as a state income tax of 6%.

When you are not enjoying the beautiful city there are numerous boutiques, museums and outdoor venues to enjoy. The Savannah College of Art & Design brings art in all forms to the city for residents to enjoy. Additionally, Savannah is known for being home to St. Joseph’s Candler’s Hospital which provides some of the best healthcare in the state.

Lakewood, Colorado

Lakewood Country Club

Sometimes you just cannot get away from the sprawling Rocky Mountain views that exist in Colorado. If this is what keeps you going then consider retiring in Lakewood, Colorado. This small city offers 360-degrees of picturesque views that are simply stunning. Of course the lush surroundings are for more than just looking. You can enjoy golf, nature tours, ecological tours and hiking available throughout the city as well as visit one of the surrounding national state parks.

Lakewood homes are priced around $230,000 and the 140,000 person population is 36% retirees. The area is never lacking things to do with art and culture festivals all year round as well as Lemonade Socials, the

Chile Harvest Festival and Cider Days. State income tax for Colorado is 4.63%.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

City Center,Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

It may come as a surprise to find out that 31% of the 1.5million people residing in Philadelphia are seniors. The hustle and bustle as well as historical founding of the city make it a popular choice for many people. You will enjoy all of the four seasons since Philadelphia is located in the northeastern part of the United States. The city is divided into small blocks which are pedestrian friendly and filled with shopping, dining and museums.

As far as housing goes, you can expect to spend around $350,000 for a modern 3-bedroom home. Philadelphia has a 28-mile paved trail for leisure walking and Fairmount Park is nearby for golfing, hiking and horseback riding. On a rainy day, the Philadelphia Museum of Art is where you will find an array of exhibits and the occasional show for entertainment. Finally, Pennsylvania residents enjoy a low income tax rate of 3.07% and the ability to take day trips to New York City, New Jersey, The Pocono’s or Washington D.C.

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Virginia Beach

Mild temperatures year round and crystal clear ocean waters await if you retire to Virginia Beach, Virginia. The 35 miles of coastal shoreline make this quiet city the ideal place for retirees. When you are not enjoying a walk along the boardwalk you may want to consider taking a rental boat out for some fishing or heading to First Landing State Park to tackle the 19 miles of hiking and biking trails.

28% of the 400,000 person population is those of the age of 50 who enjoy the state’s low income tax of 5.75% as well as affordable housing at $240,000. The city center if filled with live entertainment, street performers, vendors, artisans and plenty of restaurants to choose from. Virginia Beach is also the top pick location for retirees who love to golf. The area is equipped with 11 golf courses to choose from.

Bella Vista, Arkansas

Bella Vista Community, Arkansas

Just as the name Bella Vista implies, the small town is filled with beautiful views. In fact, Bella Vista, Arkansas is a hot spot for outdoor enthusiasts. The area offers anything and everything you would like to enjoy all within the city limits. Bella Vista takes the cake as far as amazing places to retire goes with an astonishing 88% of the 16,000 person population being over the age of 50. One of the real pleasures is that you are able to purchase a luxury style three bedroom home for a mere $150,000. The state income tax is a big high, however coming in at 7%.

Aside from the idyllic scenery that surrounds the town, you will find a multitude of retirement communities that offer every activity in the book. There are swimming and pole dancing classes for seniors as well as cultural day trips and life-skills classes. In a day trip you can visit Fayetteville which is packed with rich art culture including the North Arkansas Symphony.

Miami, Florida

Miami Beach

Miami, Florida is not just a location for people who are looking to attend the Fashion Institute or party the night away as single person on the beach. The area is hugely attractive to retirees as well. The nearly half a million person population is composed of 34% seniors who are attracted by the lack of state income tax in Florida and the warmer climate.

The temperature is known to be mild most of the year but it has been known to drop to bitter below zero temperatures on a few occasions in the last decade. The cold never lasts long before temperatures setting at a cool 60 degrees throughout the winter months. The average home price is around $200,000. Aside from the ample nightlife, Miami is known for its wealth of amazing food. Some of the best restaurants offering discounts for seniors can be found in South Beach which is also adorned with high-end shopping.

Fairhope, Alaska

Saddlebrook Circle,Fairhope

Long before Sarah Palin hit the presidential trail, people have been flocking to Fairhope, Alaska to retire. This peaceful and beautiful town surrounded by water enjoys a state income tax of 5% and a small population of 16,000 people. Fairhope is another town packed with art and culture as it offers numerous galleries and studios throughout the downtown area. There are over 80 antique shops to visit as well as locally owned boutiques and restaurants.

The one downfall of Fairhope is that the cost of goods is a big more than you will find throughout the rest of the United States. However, the state is one of the few that is not in an extensive amount of debt or suffering during the economic downturn. Quality healthcare is available at Thomas Hospital and there are hours of entertainment at the local golf courses or biking and jogging paths. Of course you can always set out for a day of fishing, boating, sailing or kayaking on the pristine Mobile Bay.

Lake St. Louis, Missouri

Lake St Louis,Missouri

Sing “Meet Me In St. Louis” all the way to your retirement when you choose to settle down in Lake St. Louis, Missouri. This small community is a big attraction for retirees due to its lakeside location. There is around 17-miles of shoreline to take advantage of if you would like to take a day on the boat, swim or get in some fishing. For a little added fun, rent jet ski’s or head up in the sky on a hot air balloon ride.

There is a multitude of recreational clubs for seniors as well. They include everything from senior softball and baseball leagues to art clubs for painting and drawing and golf leagues. Many of the area sports are city sponsored which makes them all the more enjoyable. Thanks to the housing drop during the economic downturn you can find waterfront condos between $60,000 and $100,000 which easily makes Lake St. Louis one of the more affordable options for a retirement location.

Roanoke, Virginia

Downtown Roanoke ,Virginia

There are many amazing places to retire in the United States but it is all about find what appeals most to you. Another great location for outdoor enthusiasts is Roanoke, Virginia. The city is built around the Appalachin Trail and features a large collection of rivers and lakes that make the area a fishermen’s paradise. Carvins Cove Natural Reserve is also located in Roanoke and offers 12,000 acres for seniors to enjoy biking, walking, hiking and horseback riding along the 800-acre fresh water lake.

The six greenways of Roanoke connect rivers to mountains to creature a picture perfect atmosphere for any activity. You can enjoy stunning sunsets along the beach or head into the downtown district to sample some of the local fare. Roanoke is a strong agricultural town that provides a large daily farmer’s market filled with fresh produce, meats and crafts to enjoy.

Providence, Rhode Island

Providence is the largest city in Rhode Island

Providence, Rhode Island is mostly known for being the home of Johnson and Wales University which, as a famous culinary school, has brought a thriving and diverse restaurant industry to the area. To keep experienced alive retirees to Providence can join one of the noncredit cooking classes to improve their skills and learn how to cook new menus. Even with a state income tax of 9.9%, Providence manages to fill 24% of their hundred and 70,000 person population with seniors.

Along with amazing culinary tastes dress the city retirees will find that housing in Providence, Rhode Island is a little bit above the average. The median home price for a modern three bedroom house is around $350,000. The city is filled with artistic venues and his store buildings as well as plenty of modern architecture to you occupied. Of course it is most well-known for the Rhode Island School of Design’s Museum Of Art which showcases over 80,000 different pieces of unique art works. If these activities for seniors don’t tickle your fancy and then check out the 430 acre Botanical Center and Zoo complete with water ways.

Stevens Point, Wisconsin

Wisconsin River at Stevens Point

The one thing you can expect if you plan to retire in Wisconsin is a decent amount of snow. While mother nature only blesses the area with 40 inches of snow each year, the high quality snow makers placed around the city help cover of 30+ miles of trails for snowmobiling and snowshoeing. During the summer months the same trails can be used for hiking and biking as well as horseback riding. Just a short drive away at the Standing Rocks Community Park you’ll find trails for snow tubing as well as an additional 300 miles of snowmobile trails.

The small town of Stevens Point, Wisconsin has the my new population of just over 24,000 people, of which 26% are over the age of 50. The location is attractive due to the drop in home prices. On average you can find a modern three bedroom home for just over $100,000. The state income tax from scones in is 6.75%. Stevens Point is located along the Wisconsin River which is also adjacent to several local golf courses. Throughout the spring, summer, and fall you can take it unit of be many fresh picked produce and baked goods available at the daily farmer’s market. Finally if you’re looking to hone any other skills or learn some new hobbies you can join in the lifelong learning program offered at the University of Wisconsin.

Holland, Michigan

Michigan Beaches

Once your children are gone and you’re ready to retire from your job you may want to consider Holland, Michigan. The areas lush scenery and cultural experience attracts numerous retirees each year. Currently 30% of the 34,000 person population is senior citizens. Many people flock to Holland to to the low state income tax of 4.35% in the low home price of under $100,000.

The city itself is located right on the lake which creates beautiful scenery if you choose to dine any of the fine establishment in the downtown area. Of course it is also welcoming to beachgoers were looking to enjoy a picnic, take a swim or catch a tan. The Dutch basis of the town is prominent throughout the vast tool collection and Tulip Time Festival that occurs each May. You can also visit and often take wooden shoe factory or learn about the history of Holland at the Holland Museum.

Louisville, Kentucky

Louisville Kentucky

You can find more than horse racing in Louisville, Kentucky. This small city offers all of the inter-workings of a rural town for all the benefits of the big-city. Residents can enjoy a concert or event at Freedom Hall As Well as tackle the hundreds of miles of hiking and biking paths that connect the city parks and neighborhoods. Louisville is one place the United States where biking and walking is the above driving in a car. Everywhere you go you will find bike friendly paths to enjoy.

The downtown district offers seniors a chance to explore a multitude of museums including the Muhamed Ali Museum and the Louisville Slugger Museum. Throughout East market you will find a thriving art district that is also nearby the Louisville Waterfront Park which creates the perfect atmosphere for a picnic. State income tax for Kentucky is 6% and the average home price is right hundred and $50,000.

Chattanooga, Tennessee

The CharlotteTheTennessee Aquarium

It’s hard not to love the southern country charm that you find in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The city can be found at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains and provides residents with thriving opportunities as well as our culture. Chattanooga is considered one of the most environmentally friendly cities in the United States and has maintained its title since the early 1990s. You’ll find average home price around hundred and $40,000 in state income tax at 6%.

With ample waterfront parks and businesses as well as The Tennessee Aquarium and Hunter Museum of American Art it is no wonder why 32% of the hundred and 70,000 person population is over the age of 50. If you take a chill through the city you’ll also find plenty of public art and waterfront green spaces. In a nutshell Chattanooga, Tennessee is the premier location for someone who is looking for an affordable retirement housing while also being an environmentally friendly location that is great for outdoor enthusiast.

Columbia, South Carolina

The state Capitol building in Columbia, South Carolina

The one thing that every person dreams of can be found in Columbia, South Carolina. What is that exactly? Free college tuition. This isn’t for everyone, but for residents of South Carolina over the age of 60 you can enjoy free classes at the University of South Carolina. This gives people the opportunity to take advantage of learning a new skill, how to write or Coke, or to pick up a new hobby in the arts or area history.

One of the biggest draws to the area is that you can find affordable retirement housing under $100,000. The state income tax rate is 7% but that doesn’t deter senior citizens from filling 23% of the hundred and 125,000 person population. As far as things to do go, Colombia is an ideal location for outdoor recreation. There are multitude over for access points which create the ideal place for fishing and boating. Columbia is also home to some of the best restaurants in the state as well as a multitude of private shops to visit. Residents are also invited to enjoy ongoing performances from arts community, Philharmonic Orchestra and area theater groups and ballet companies.

Bangor, Maine

Bangor from the Penobscot River

With the beautiful four seasons it exists in a northeastern portion of the United States you will have to deal with and colder winters. Maine is known for getting a decent amount of snow and is home to several of the nation’s best little snow resorts. Retirees are known to head towards Bangor to enjoy the American Folk scene. Of course if this flavor of music is not your thing even take it is of the many waterfront activities available on Penobscot River.

Bangor is also home to two major national parks as well as 30 smaller parks around the city. The surrounding city forests offers 5 miles of trails that can be used for cross-country skiing during the winter and biking during the summer. The average home price in Bangor, Maine is $160,000 in the state income tax is a high 8.5%. Despite that, though 32,000 person population is composed 33% of people over the age of 50.

Cape Girardeau, Missouri

Downtown Cape Girardeau, Missouri

The one place in the United States were education, healthcare and business come to meet is Cape Girardeau, Missouri. While also being home to Southeast Missouri State University, this small city is an attractive location for young retirees who value longtime education and a good business opportunity. Residents are also able to take advantage of the cultural aspects of the state which wouldn’t a multitude of fine arts museums and college-level courses that are available for free for seniors already just 60.

Old Town Cape is the pride and joy of Cape Girardeau. There are front of shirt features a variety of art galleries and the first storage for residents to explore. With a 6% stake income tax-free in the average home price of around $100,000 is no wonder that so many people choose to explore Cape Girardeau as a place to retire.

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Broken Arrow Golf & Athletic

Just outside of souls you will find the small city of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. The city is known to be a home for golfing in the arts. The 90,000 person population is composed of 23% senior citizens who are attracted by the 5.5% state income tax and average home price $140,000.

Broken Arrow offers a vast selection of Metropolitan shopping, dining and museums and has experienced rapid growth over the last decade. You can enjoy one of the many community performances at the brand-new arts Center or visit some of the galleries and small theaters in the downtown commercial district.