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March, 2016 | Retirement for Seniors
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How to give back to the Earth after you’re gone

Date : Mar 25,2016 By : Derek Lotts People who truly care about the environment will ensure that their farewell to this world is done in accordance with ecological rules. If you ensure that your burial ceremony leaves no carbon footprint, you will make a nice symbolic gesture to show your descendants how to treat […]

Six Things You Need To Have A Budget For During Retirement

Date : Mar 23,2016 By : Anita Ginsburg For most Americans, retirement, like taxes and death, is an event from which not many can escape. However, having enough money upon which to retire solves only half of the retirement puzzle. The other half is making sure the money lasts as long as needed. The following […]

11 Tips for Successful Retirement Planning for Singles

Date : Mar 09,2016 By : Joel Ray The process of aging is fraught with insecurities, and when you’re single, divorced or widowed, these can be more insistent. Single people draw the short straw when it comes to tax and insurance benefits, spending more than their married counterparts for every aspect of financial planning. A […]