Retirement for Seniors

November, 2015 | Retirement for Seniors
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How Well Do You See?

Date : Nov 20,2015 By : Emma Lawson As we get older our eyesight could turn bad, especially if we are not taking good care of our health. However, bad eyesight could also be age related, because some parts of our eyes get worn out and tired. Here are some signs which indicate that you […]

Low Impact Exercises to Keep You in Top Form

Date : Nov 13,2015 By : Brooke Chaplan Low-impact exercise is defined as exercise that places little to no stress on the body and joints. Low-impact workouts can not only preserve your joints, but can also be very effective in overall muscle toning. Below is a list of some of the most effective low-impact workouts […]

Six Signs You’re Doing Retirement Wrong

Date : Nov 11,2015 By : Brooke Chaplan Everyone has different retirement needs and goals, so there is no one-size-fits-all blueprint for how to save the right way. But there may be some clear signs you are doing things wrong, so pay attention and make sure you don’t fall into these easy traps. You Aren’t […]

Importance of Regular Exercise in Senior Citizens

Date : Nov 10,2015 By : Matt Rhoney As you grow older, you may discover the need to slow down in certain areas of your life. This is only natural and as frustrating as it can sometimes be, it is not entirely a bad thing. One area senior citizens tend to cut down on is […]

Fit after 40

Date : Nov 10,2015 By : Kate Flannery Our bodies inevitably change with age – the skin loses elasticity, joints are more susceptible to injuries, we gain excess weight more easily, and weight loss is exceedingly daunting. We are significantly affected with sarcopenia, the age-related loss of muscle mass. The good news is that if […]