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September, 2015 | Retirement for Seniors
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6 of the Biggest Mistakes to Avoid During Retirement

Date : Sep 22,2015 By : Rachelle Wilber According to the Pew Research Center, 10,000 people reach retirement age each day in the United States. Whether your retirement is going to mean drinks on the beach, launching the small business you always dreamed of or traveling the world, there are certain mistakes you will want […]

Enjoying Life After A Life of Work

Date : Sep 16,2015 By : Matt Rhoney While retirement is an exciting stage of life that seems to be full of endless opportunities from house projects, traveling, taking up new hobbies, and well-deserved R & R, it can also be a stressful transition for many individuals. According to the American Institute of Stress, retirement […]

5 Truths about Caring for Your Elderly Parents

Date : Sep 11,2015 By : Kate Flannery Taking care of the aging parent is a task as important as taking care of your baby. For most people, it’s something you know is coming, and you secretly fear. But as uncomfortable as it may be for both parties involved, it is one of the most […]

How to help a person if you are not a doctor

Date : Sep 09,2015 By : Emma Lawson We all have been witnesses of someone in need of medical help in a public place, at work or at school, or when we were simply passing by. Most of us don’t know how to help and what to do except call the emergency. However, sometimes those […]