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January, 2015 | Retirement for Seniors
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Tips For Seniors To Stay Independent At Home Without Worrying Family Members

Date : Jan 30,2015 By : Anita Ginsburg When adults enter into their later years, many of their family members begin to worry about their well-being. They might feel as though a slip or fall could be fatal, or they fear that their parent or grandparent may accidentally leave the stove on. Seniors can calm […]

Ideal gifts for your grandchildren

Date : Jan 27,2015 By : Melissa Stevens Surely you can remember the time when you were just a kid and looked forward to little things in life: going out to get pizza with your parents, watching your favourite cartoons and getting presents from nearly everyone. While it is parents’ task to educate children and […]

Getting Older: Six Fun Ideas to Retire in Style

Date : Jan 27,2015 By : Brooke Chaplan The ultimate goal of most of us is to retire at some point. The golden years are often looked on as a time in a person’s life where they can finally reap the rewards of decades of hard work. Every person has a different idea of what […]

The fountain of youth – How to keep your spirit young when you retire

Date : Jan 16,2015 By : Melissa Stevens Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional, as the old saying goes. This may sound all too frivolous to anyone who has seen their share of the modern stress-packed world, but still – the fact that age inevitably goes up does not mean that your […]

Common Health Problems That All Seniors Should Be Aware Of

Date : Jan 14,2015 By : Anita Ginsburg While not always serious, it’s common for a number of ailments and conditions to develop in seniors. Many seniors experience declining health that can make it difficult to have a long lifespan or maintain their mobility. By learning more about the most common health problems, it’s possible […]

Home security 101 – stuff everyone should know about

Date : Jan 8,2015 By : James Burbank It does not matter what you think about crime in general and crime in your area in particular – the truth is that everyone can find themselves a victim of a burglary. Sure, some neighborhoods, areas of town and cities are more affected by burglaries, but in […]