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December, 2014 | Retirement for Seniors
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4 Quick Must-Know Details About Your New Dentures

Date : Dec 26,2014 By : Anica Oaks If you’ve lost teeth through dental disease, periodontal disease or physical trauma, dentures are a good tooth replacement solution both functionally and cosmetically. They are different from natural teeth, however, and there are some things you need to know to get the maximum benefit from your new […]

The Motivational Power of Plants in Senior Years

Date : Dec 16,2014 By : Kate Flannery The best feeling in the world is that first day of spring when you sit on the park bench smelling flowers and enjoying warm and sunny afternoon. You look at those flowers as something that is only beautiful and serves a kind of an esthetic purpose, with […]

Healthy Retirement: Six Important Health Check-Ups Every Senior Should Be Doing

Date : Dec 16,2014 By : Anita Ginsburg As the body ages, the number of health problems that people typically encounter increase too. The most threatening problems tend to begin appearing around when you reach retirement age. Catching these problems early on will allow you to treat them, which in turn will dramatically improve your […]

6 Essentials to Planning for Retirement

Date : Dec 11,2014 By : Lizzie Weakley Maintaining financial security during one’s retirement years does not simply happen on its own, it must be worked for. With a constantly evolving economy, here are six essentials that will not just make a retirement financial feasible, but also make it enjoyable and worth the hard work. […]