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October, 2014 | Retirement for Seniors
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Energetic life: Key to health and happiness for the elderly

Date : Oct 30,2014 By : Mary Brown Elderly people should maintain a healthy lifestyle, and it is very important to eat right type of things. You can stay active with the aid of regular exercising. Exercise helps perk up their self-reliance, preserve their health and boost their energy. The first goal you have every […]

Health And Wellness: What You Should Be Paying Attention To At The Age Of Retirement

Date : Oct 22,2014 By : Anita Ginsburg Reaching retirement is a major accomplishment, and for many people, that is when their lives begin anew. Hobbies and passions can become one’s focus in life, but there may be new distractions that come with the territory. The average retirement age is around 50. Though 50 is […]

Tips for choosing a provider of Home Care

Date : Oct 18,2014 By :Scott Fagan Providers of home care play a major role in ensuring that the elderly person being cared for feels secure and happy. Estimates show that there are over 26,000 home care providers in the USA, with a sizeable number belonging to Massachusetts. Hence, it will require you to do […]

Great Ways to Keep Your Aging Parents Safe and Healthy

Date : Oct 04,2014 By : Anica Oaks Ever since we were children, we have looked toward our parents as a source of strength and support. We are accustomed to them worrying about us and taking care of us. For this reason, it can be a challenge when, due to aging, the tables are turned […]